Our house is over 50 years old. We still have the original windows in much of the house, the original garage floor and the original box elder bushes lining our updated patio.

The windows rattle with the slightest wind, the birds eat the gravel from the garage floor like birdseed and the box hedge is beginning to yellow and die.

I was recently in the car, alone, talking to whoever is listening about my desire for more than more than enough money.

Nothing wrong with that. Winning the Powerball (ideally as a single winner) would give me the opportunity to pursue my long list of dreams for replacing the windows, garage floor and patio hedge.

More money would also allow me to grow my business at a faster rate which is something else I have been dreaming about. I have ideas for products and services that require money to create and a team to support.

I also have a dream of setting up a foundation and giving back to the world in a BIG way.

I would be a great steward for all this money.

And then it struck me, by believing money is the best and only solution to my problems I was short circuiting the many other ways the universe might want to solve my problems, fulfill my desires and meet my needs.

My Unfulfilled Dreams are Simply Problems Waiting for Solutions 

Behind my desire for boatloads of money is really a desire to solve some current problems. I do not have something I want or am not where I want to be and money would help get me there.

But what if there was another way, a different answer.

There was a time when I had started thinking about getting a new car.

I thought, “Well I need to earn a certain amount for the down payment and then I could finance the rest.”

“I better get cracking and sell more so I can put money away for the purchase of my next car.”

Then my car took an accidental swim in Lake Geneva (read about that) and, lo and behold, I now have a new car I love paid for by my insurance company.


How to Use Your NO-How (vs. KNOW-How) to Achieve Your Dreams


I had a similar experience in my desire to put a grand piano in our front living room.

I had the perfect spot for it but not the $10,000 to buy one.

So, I put a picture of a piano on a vision board I created thinking that some how the money would come to me and I could purchase this Grand Piano.

Instead, I got a call from my step-aunt. She remembered how I had admired her grand piano. They were downsizing and wondered if I wanted it. I just had to pay to have it moved.

I hung up the phone, looked up at my vision board and cried. I was moved and astounded but what had happened.

Me getting more money was not necessary.

The universe had a different way in mind.

The Answer to All Your Problems is No-How

What I have begun to realize is that my idea of how to solve a problem is not necessarily the only way and, in fact, may not even be the best way.

I do not have to know-how.

Instead I can say there is no-how I need to figure out.

By letting go of how something gets resolved or manifested allows something magical to occur.

Have your dreams, acknowledge your unmet needs or unresolved problems and allow the universe, Divine Wisdom, to figure out the How’s of resolving.

The real abundance…and peace…comes from knowing that all you need to do is put it out there and know that a solution will arrive without you having to figure it all out and know how.

Try This

Build a list of the problems you would like resolved, needs you would like met and dreams you would like fulfilled especially those that you were believing could only be resolved by you coming into more money.

Post your list in our Facebook community and add the statement “I do not need to know how. I release my dreams to the Universe, Divine Wisdom, knowing that the solutions are on their way to me in expected and unexpected ways”

As things begin to manifest let us know on the page.

My list:

    • Replace my box hedge with an outdoor fireplace and seating area
    • A new garage floor
    • New cars for Dave and the kids
    • A family vacation to Hawaii
    • Someone to manage social media and our marketing and content
    • At least 2 great recruiters
    • Clarity on my go-forward business plan
    • All the necessary resources to make my dreams come to life


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How to Use Your NO-How (vs. KNOW-How) to Achieve Your Dreams