I was coaching a woman in tech, who is what we call a boomerang in recruiting.

She worked for a company, left and then went back.

And now she is looking again!

As we discussed her situation, I realized that part of why she was looking was because she had not done her boomerang due diligence.

To Be or Not to Be a Boomerang – That is The Question

Being a boomerang can be a tricky. It could be your smartest career decision or a really bad move.

If you are considering going back to a previous employer make sure you do your due diligence first. Take some time and answer the following questions:

Why did you leave in the first place? Did you leave because you wanted to start your own business, be with your kids, pursue your MBA or try a different industry? Or did you leave because you did not like the culture, the commute or the money? Have any of these more negative reasons resolved themselves?

How might this be a good…or bad…decision for you, your family and/or your career? Make a pros and cons list. Things have changed in the industry. Being a boomerang does not carry a stigma like it used to. Companies are now seeing the value in having someone who knows them well rejoin with a pair of fresh eyes and ideas. That does not mean that it is right for you, so make sure you consider both sides of this decision.

Are you going back out of fear, because you feel flattered or because it is the easiest path? Listen to your small voice.  Get centered. Take a beat and be honest with yourself about your motivations.

The woman I spoke with had done the right things when she left-she did not burn any bridges, she stayed in touch with several of her former colleagues, there was no bad blood. So, when they reached out to her, she was flattered. And the role was a good one. The money was an increase. The work sounded interesting.

What’s to think about? She took the job.

Now, not even 6 months later, she was regretting her decision and preparing for her job search, trying to figure out how she was going to explain this short stint on her resume.

Being a boomerang can be a great thing or, the decision can come back and hit you in the forehead like, well, a boomerang. Do your boomerang due diligence and save yourself a lot of pain.

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