In business there is always talk about adding value. The term value-add has been used in several industries from finance to manufacturing but the premise is the same.

When you take something that already exists (a product, a service or your role at work) and add a feature, a service, a process or an action that increases its current value that is a value-add.

How to Add Value at Work

What if, at the end of every week, you looked backwards to see how you added value to that project, your boss, your team and even yourself.

  • Did you take a training course?
  • Did you mentor someone?
  • Was your bosses load lightened because of you?
  • Did you arrive to your desk well-rested and ready to work?
  • Were you asking the hard questions that brought much-needed clarity?

Try This:

Be valuable this week. Look for ways to add value. Then, on Friday, take 5 minutes and jot down your value-adds for the week.

Value-Added Bonus

Save your value-adds in a file and when it is time for your review at work you will really have something to say! Could mean more green in your pocket!

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