A job search can be tedious.




And necessary!

You have made the decision (or maybe someone else made it for you) to find that next great job. You have taken steps to move things forward but you are not getting the results you have hoped for-like a new job fast!

The truth is that there are many variables that go into how long it will take you to land your next gig-your level in your career is one of the biggest factors-the higher up the food chain the longer the search.

I have heard you should assume 1 month for every $10,000 of income. Other factors are how open you are to location, how marketable your skills are and how flexible you might be in terms of title or salary.

Some of this stuff is out of your control and some only you and your family can determine the priority.

That One Feared Word

Things that are out of your control you need to release.  Spend your time focusing on the things you can control.  And in order to do that you must embrace the one feared word…discipline.

Coming from someone who likes to consider herself an Intuitive Impulsive embracing discipline has not always been my thing. (You can read more about this in Impulsive + Disciplined = Career Success). Yet, as I get more clarity about where I am taking my business, I know that in order to get the results I seek I need to be more disciplined about how I spend my time.

Otherwise, it will just take me that much longer to get where I want to go. Hate that thought!

For many, the word discipline brings up a parent’s wagging finger, a workout that you hate or having to say no to your favorite chocolate dessert.

Another way to look at discipline is in relationship to learning a discipline-a practice. When you think about discipline this way it can create space to do what you need to do in order to make a regular practice out of your job search (or whatever it is you say you want in your life).

3 Steps to Creating a Practice Out of Your Job Search

To bring discipline into your life you need to answer 3 questions in order to have success:

  1. What are you going to do?
  2. When are you going to do it?
  3. How are you going to support your What and When?

Disciplined Job Search Example

What are you going to do? Apply to 10 jobs a day, attend 2 networking events a week and connect to 5 new people on LinkedIn. Be focused. Be clear. Have goals that are in your control.

When are you going to do it? Find the time that is best suited to you and then make that time sacred. Your job search should be a priority and needs to be consistent.  Picking a time to dedicate to your job search is in your control.

How are you going to support your What and When? Do you need to get someone to watch the kids? Do you need to get an accountability partner? Do you need to put your phone in the other room? Whatever you need to do to remain focused and keep your commitment to your job search then do it – you are in control!

No one said finding that next right job was going to be easy but you can make it easier by making discipline a practice.

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