I was just reading that I could apply for a newsletter that would tell me one small thing I could do every day to save our planet.

The good news-I want to save our planet!

The problem-I don’t want to do one more thing…even if it’s one more small thing for a cause I believe in.

Which is why I am creating a DO NOT DO list for the 30 days of April. Let’s have some fun NOT doing.

The DO NOT DO List

  1. Don’t rework your resume
  2. Don’t update your linked profile
  3. Don’t stay overtime
  4. Don’t hold in your dissatisfaction
  5. Don’t ignore a chance to compliment someone
  6. Don’t check your email after 6:00 pm
  7. Don’t apologize
  8. Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes
  9. Don’t raise your hand
  10. Don’t miss that special event
  11. Don’t arrive late
  12. Don’t be impatient
  13. Don’t judge yourself
  14. Don’t judge others
  15. Don’t hold back your laughter
  16. Don’t set your alarm
  17. Don’t say yes
  18. Don’t bring your work home with you
  19. Don’t eat at your desk
  20. Don’t eat alone
  21. Don’t stress yourself out
  22. Don’t hold back
  23. Don’t underestimate yourself
  24. Don’t doubt your skills
  25. Don’t miss your favorite TV show
  26. Don’t defend your stand rigidly
  27. Don’t stay quiet
  28. Don’t play someone else’s game
  29. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  30. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel like fun!

So what are you going to NOT Do?  Leave us a message on our Facebook page.