I love trivia. I remember being obsessed with the game of Facts in Five when I was very young. Then came Trivial Pursuit. The idea I wish I had! I spent years going to Wednesday Night Trivia with some girlfriends and even hosted a Trivia Night event for my local chamber.

So, last weekend at a friend’s house, imagine my thrill when they pulled out my latest trivia game obsession-Chronology.

The basic gist of Chronology is that each player builds a timeline of cards, with each card listing a historical event and the year in which it occurred.

At the start of the game, players are given their starting Timeline card, which is then placed face up in front of them. On their turn, a player is read an event from a new card; the player must then indicate the position on their own timeline where the card should be placed before, after or between dates on the timeline in front of them. If the player is correct, the player takes possession of the card and inserts it in their line; if not, the next player gets a crack at it, and so on. The first player with ten cards wins.

Which of course got me thinking about how I could use the concept of the game AND learn some things about women in tech in honor of Women’s History Month. So, today’s blog is a game!

How to play: Cut out the below facts. Starting with the first fact with the date already on it begin building your timeline determining where you think each fact lies on the timeline. You are working to build a timeline from the earliest date to the most recent date.

ALERT: You can download the answers at the bottom of this blog, but no peeking!


Chronology of Women in Tech














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Link to the Answers:  The Chronology of Women in Tech