I am in a lull at work. I wrapped a project with a client and have some time on my hands.

This could be the perfect time to go for a long walk.

Maybe get a pedicure.

Call a friend and get caught up.

Just sit back and enjoy the breather.

But then my thoughts begin to take over.

Oh crap!

I have not been working smart.

I need to get more clients.

I’m not making enough calls.

This is THE END of my business.

Get to work Laurie! No rest for you!

Take a Leap of Faith

Then I picked up my copy of The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer. In the book, Michael talks about the idea that magical things are and have been perfectly created without our doing anything.  By respecting this flow, versus fighting it, life will bring us surprisingly powerful results.

Instead of working like a crazy person trying to figure everything out I could actually relax and let life pull me. I could take a leap of faith and be willing to be guided.

Does your career feel like this?  Are you working your tail off feeling exhausted and thinking you just need to suck it up and keep doing what you are doing?

Someday you will have the time to enjoy your life.

Someday you can just put your feet up and relax.

Someday it will be your turn.

What if you were to do things a little differently?

What if you were to surrender to what wants to happen and offer your willingness versus asserting your will?

Try This-Your Own Surrender Experiment 

I am not going to worry about what I should or should not be doing.

I am going to surrender to what wants to happen next instead of figuring it all out.

I am going to believe what Michael A. Singer talks about-that things are happening already and why not relax and be led to the next right action.

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Surrender Your Career to What Wants to Happen