Last week, I:

  1. Ran a pitch contest for 8 investors and 8 tech company founders for Women Tech Founders – first time I ever did that!
  2. Was a finalist for a Tech Industry Talent Award – I did not win but had a blast glamming.
  3. Facilitated a panel discussion with top-notch women who have successful careers in STEM – Loved this!
  4. Ran a workshop on confidence for high school girls – not my cup of tea but worth doing once.
  5. Launched version 1.0 of my new InspiHER Tech, A Laso Company website. More on this coming in the next few weeks but you can visit the website now.
  6. Met with a client about a new IT Leader position they want us to work on – YEAH!
  7. Helped a client bring together a successful offer for the Managing Director position – Rocked it!
  8. Got my hair and nails done because… awards ceremony.
  9. Did payroll and billing… because my team and my vendors like when that sh*t gets done.
  10. Went to TedXNaperville… a bit of fun, a bit of networking and a bit of career inspiration for my son who tagged along.
  11. Hosted poker at my house for my besties. No reason needed.

I am not trying to brag or anything but:


I also noticed how I fell into victim mode at times, I worked 16-hour days for weeks abandoning meditation and walking in nature, I had to schedule “Laurie Breathe” in my calendar and that is NOT self-care by the way. I found myself wanting it all to just be over even though I did choose to do all these events.

I realized that wearing the badge of “I am woman, look at me say yes to a ton of cool things, work myself weary and forget to have fun” is not all it’s cracked up to be.

I hear this idea a lot when people talk about the unique gifts women bring to the table: collaboration, communication, compassion, and being a multi-tasker aka the ability to get sh*t done.

By being able to get sh*t done, and done well may I add, women also set themselves up for high stress, strained relationships, health issues and missed opportunities to have fun in this one, wonderful life we have been given.

The Hamster Wheel of Addiction

I asked myself why I was allowing the Women Who Do Too Much syndrome to take over my life.

It felt like an addiction.

When I do have time off I am VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

I am not sure what to do with myself.

I feel guilty, like I “should” be getting more done.

Like an addict, I feel compelled to change how I am feeling by filling myself up with activities.

I needed more balance. It was time for an intervention!

Be on Cloud Nine!

That is when I heard about Henry Poincare who did a Ted Talk about clouds.  He talks about the different types of clouds, his Cloud Appreciation Society and the intervention I needed-cloud watching. You know what I mean, when you lay on your back on the ground and watch the clouds float by and try to find an animal or an object shaped in the clouds.

I used to love watching clouds. It felt so peaceful. Just having my back on the earth helped and then watching the slow movement of the clouds passing by naturally calmed me.


Try This:  The Do Too Much Detox

Take a look at your calendar between now and the end of the year and carve out time to do nothing.

Just be.

Use this time to let your subconscious work on your problems. Let your imagination take over.

Watch some clouds.