September 25th was one of my favorite days because The Voice was back!

For me, The Voice is right up there with Super Soul Sunday as the show that moves me whenever I watch.  I just feel good.

In the first show of the new season, Esera Tuaolo was a contestant. Esera played 9 seasons in the NFL as a nose tackle, went to the Super Bowl XXXIII with the Atlanta Falcons in 1998, recorded the last tackle of John Elway, was the 3rd NFL player to come out as gay, is a published author, professional chef, and father of two.  Quite a full life!

On The Voice, he sang Andra’s Day song Rise Up. He had two chairs turn, meaning two people wanted him to be on their team, and eventually, he chose Blake Shelton as his coach.

It was a moving performance!

But the thing that really got me was when he walked backstage and Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, asked what felt better – beating Minnesota to go to Super Bowl or having the chairs turn on The Voice?

Esera said it was that moment on The Voice.

I could totally relate. I have been recruiting for over 20 years. I’m very good at it and I think it’s fun. It’s been a very good career that has provided well.

But when I work with a client or write these blogs or come up with a new program idea, I hope will help millions of people connect with their Soul’s Mission something moves inside of me.

And you would think going to the Super Bowl would be the ultimate for someone who had played 9 seasons in the NFL.

But what really moved him was singing.

Because singing is part of his Soul’s Mission.

You can be good at something, great even, and that does not mean it’s your Soul’s Mission.

When you are living your Soul’s Mission you can’t imagine doing anything else.

So, ask yourself: do you feel good about your career or are you moved by it?

Career Change Tip of the Week
Move to Work that Moves You – Live your Soul’s Mission

If you can agree with the following statements then give yourself a high five because you are living your Soul’s Mission versus just working at a career you are good at.

  • Your Soul’s Mission fills you up inside.
  • Your Soul’s Mission brings a smile to your face.
  • Your Soul’s Mission gets you out of bed with excitement every morning.
  • Your Soul’s Mission uses your talents, gifts, and passions.
  • Your Soul’s Mission lifts your spirits and the spirits of others.
  • Your Soul’s Mission feels like a form of service.

LET’S GET MOVING: Get in touch if you are ready to move from a career that is just good enough to living your Soul’s or 630/260-7821.