How Career Obstacles Are The WAY to Your Career Dream

How often have you said to yourself that your dream is not possible?

  • It’s too far out of reach
  • It requires things you don’t have … time, money, resources
  • Others are just better positioned to make their career dreams come true
  • Others made better career decisions along the way; you made a lot of mistakes that are now holding you back
  • Going after your career dream is a great idea … but that probably will never be your reality

It may seem like there are too many obstacles to ever be able to have the dream you want.

In fact, you only have 2 obstacles: Situational and Mindset.

  • Situational obstacles are all those obstacles outside of ourselves like current job, kids, the economy, our bank account etc.
  • Mindset obstacles are all the thoughts we have about why our dream is not possible. See the bullet points above.

THE GOOD NEWS: Both are there for your benefit.

The one thing I know from coaching women through their obstacles, whether they are situational or created by their thoughts, is that you must go right at them if you want to overcome them.

You must not wait.

Don’t delay.

Don’t let fear or doubts hold you back.

Don’t argue that the obstacle is too big, you are just slowing down your progress.

Just decide that this so-called obstacle will not win.

You have a dream gosh darn it!

What you think of as obstacles to getting to your career goal is actually the path to overcoming them for good.

If you believe, as I do, that there are no accidents, that the Universe is always working for our benefit, then anything we see as an obstacle to our career dream is there for some important reason that we just are not seeing yet.

We can decide at any moment that this obstacle, and any future obstacles in our path, is not problem but an opportunity that we are meant to overcome.

Obstacles are the accelerators of our career dreams not road blocks.

How Do You Go Right At Your Obstacle?

When you go right at your obstacle you simply ask just 1 question:

Do I want to find a solution to this obstacle?

If your answer is no, Sit with that. Why is that your truth right now? Make peace with where you are at in this moment and see if there is a time in the not-too-distant future when you might work at removing this obstacle at that point.

If the answer is yes, then you just discovered that …

The Obstacle Isn’t In Your Way.

The Obstacle Is The Way To Your Career Dream!

Tap into your inner wisdom, your creativity, and your outer guidance including your network, the internet, books, courses, and coaching, and remove that obstacle.

Accept that you might feel uncomfortable, be inconvenienced, question yourself, or feel anxious.

That is all part of the process. You are pushing up against your growth edge.



The obstacle isn’t there because you are NOT supposed to have what you want.

The obstacle is there so you can learn the skills you need to learn in order to achieve your career dream more effectively and quickly.

And that’s why we love obstacles!

Does your whole career feel like an obstacle? Yeah! The perfect time is now to go right at it. Let’s talk!