I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic 😞lately.

I am in the midst of a career transformation from top-notch recruiter who knows exactly what to do and how to do it to a Career Transformation Coach who knows how to do some things (coach, run coaching events and programs, create job search and career change strategies) but is having to learn a bunch of new stuff (social media marketing- what’s an Instagram reel🤯???, how to make money as a coach not as a recruiter, what to learn myself and what to delegate).

The overwhelm of having to learn new things has left me feeling a bit low. This surprised me.

When faced with a career change – even when we choose it- we can often feel overwhelmed by all the things and that can lead to lethargy. Low vibes lead to low output. Which can lead to us feeling bad about ourselves.

  • The career change mountain feels too big to climb and that Career dream … unrealistic.
  • Many days you wonder if you got anything productive accomplished in your career pivot.
  • Should you do this or that next?
  • You’re thinking of Netflix and your treat of choice WAY too much. Hello, guilt and self-beat up!

4 Steps to Move Your Career Change Forward While Experiencing Low Energy

  1. Acknowledge how you feel. It does no good to act on top of unacknowledged feelings. They sit there like an 🐘 elephant in the room taking up LOTS of space. Say “hi” to lethargy. Ask lethargy what it would like you to know. Lethargy, along with all our feelings, has great info for us if we only would ask. Let lethargy know that you feel it and are there to care for it even as you keep moving forward.
  2. Plan 1-3 small action steps you can take towards your career goal by the end of the day that you know will feel darn good. WHAT I know for sure is that you do know of at least 1 thing you can do even if lethargy wants you to believe the only thing is to do nothing.
  3. Create a thought that feels empowering that you can go back to during the day. One of my favorites –  “l am resilient. I always figure things out.”
  4. Do the first of your actions.
  5. 🖐️ High-five yourself for honoring your feelings and your desire to create a new career.


I'm Experiencing Career Lethargy