Over my years of recruiting, sitting on panels, attending conferences, and reading up on all things career and job search I have amassed several pointers that I thought were genius.

I am sharing a few of them here. Plus, I am putting together a free pdf download and would love to hear some of your best career advice as well. Email your favorite career and leadership tips and tricks to [email protected]

💥💥5 Random Career Tips that Can Change Everything 💥💥

Tip #1 Always Know the Numbers – Before every meeting, especially meetings with leadership, be able to tie your project and its success to a numerical outcome. Increased revenue by this much, saved this percentage of time, and improved efficiency by this amount.

Tip #2 Use the acronym WAIT – WAIT stands for Why Am I Talking? As they say, we have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. Listening is a leadership skill. It is where you get all kinds of info that is not always said aloud. Listen to words, tone, and body language. THEN ask questions. Giving advice and direction comes last.

Tip #3 Inclusion is a two-way street – You may not know another person’s lived experiences. They also do not know yours. You are both learning from each other. You both have an opportunity to extend a hand, an ear, and a space to create inclusion and belonging for each other.

Tip #4 Follow the 3 D’s. When feeling the pressure of your current life/workload take a step back and evoke the 3 D’s.

  • Dismiss it. Do you really have to do this right now? Ever? Some things you can just let go of.
  • Delegate it. Can you delegate part of your workload? Even if you think you can’t I know you can.
  • Do it…joyfully. If this is not something you can dismiss or delegate then do it … joyfully. Do it with music. Do it on your patio. Do it at a café. Do it alongside someone else. Turn the burden into fun.

Tip # 5 Hire a Coach! You do not have to go it alone! It’s a new year. You have new career dreams and maybe some unfulfilled ones from last year. Your career is your expression of you and what you love. Don’t let them wait one more minute.  Let’s get those moving forward.

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5 Random Career Tips that Can Change Everything!