I am in the midst of planning for 2023.

Things are brewing.

Stuff is marinating.

We at InspiHER Tech are cooking with gas! (Yep. I am hungry as I write this).

And you are at the center of my thoughts.

You are THE main ingredient to all I do in my career coaching business.

You…the professional career woman+++.

You…with career ambitions but not at the cost of your life, family and friends.

You…a Tech Leader, a technologist, a seller of tech solutions, a recruiter of technologists, an employee of a tech company or someone who is simply fascinated by tech.

You…a woman looking to more fully connect your outer actions with your inner values, desires and motivations.

With YOU in mind, we have created a short survey that is going to help us to create THE BEST programs and events for you and your career in 2023.

Even if you never join an InspiHER Tech event, your input on this survey as a professional career woman is still valuable to us and the community of women as a whole.

It is important to all women who want to have a career and life they love and wonder if that is really possible.

When you recognize that YOU GET TO CHOOSE what you want your career and life to be like and then YOU GET TO DECIDE how to make that a reality, you empower both yourself and all others who feel stuck and are dreaming of different.

Thank you and stay InspiHER’d!

P.S.  And…you will be entered into a drawing to win a $20 Starbucks or Amazon gift card by completing the survey and providing your email.  Coffee anyone?