I currently have a coaching client who has some big dreams. She also has lots of doubts.

She is too old.

She does not have the right experience.

Her tech background is dated.

Her belief is that because of these factors her dream to do a career pivot into a marketing tech role is not realistic.

And that’s the clue that she needs to think Dream Adjacent.

Get Ready for a Laurie Story

Along with being a certified coach, I am also a Certified Passion Test Facilitator. It makes sense given I believe that the more aligned your career is with your True Nature the better. Your passions are one of the signposts that point you to your True Nature Career.

During a workshop for my certification, the leader told a true story of a man who dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player.

She encouraged him to write his big dream down on his list of passions.

He balked.

He could not see how his dream to become a professional soccer player was possible.

He had played years of excellent soccer but could never achieve pro-level.

Both his knees were shot.

And he was 50 years old. Way past the prime of a pro soccer player.

His assumption: that door was closed. That dream was not possible. 

The leader encouraged him to write it down anyway.

By the end of the workshop, he was completely onboard. No, being a future professional soccer player was not in his future…but working for FIFA was!

He took his dream and built a dream adjacent career and loved it! 

If you have been thinking that your best years are behind you or that your dreams are too big and not possible.

Think again.

Think Dream Adjacent. 

Try This: 

Step One: Write down your BIG, most outlandish, gets your heart pumping dream

Example: I want to become a pro soccer player

Step Two: Tap into your imagination. Answer this question: What things are connected to my Big Dream? This is a game of spit-balling. Write down whatever pops into your head.

Example: Scoring goals, being part of a team, being on TV, Chicago Fire, FIFA, travel

Step Three: Turn those connections into possible career ideas.

Example: I could become a soccer coach.  I could write a soccer book.  I could go work for FIFA.

Step Four: Bring your Dream Adjacent Career to life. Set up a Career Strategy Session with Coach Laurie. Sign me up!  


Is Your Career Dream TOO big?