Which came first? The chicken or the…pig?

I was reading a book recently and the author had a funny one-liner that made me laugh…and made me think.

When it comes to bacon and eggs, the chicken is involved but the pig is committed.

Think about this for a second. Now think about where you are at in your career transition or job search.

If you were to rate your job search on a scale of 1 for Chicken 🐓Effort and 10 for Pig 🐷 Committed what is your number?

If your number is 9 or under you are not fully committed.

What would it take to make it a 10?

2022 – The Year of the Pig

This Saturday starts a new year. If one of the things you have been dreaming about is a new role, job or career now is a great time to fully commit.

One of the best ways to commit is to write an intention.

3 Step Process to Becoming a Pig

Step 1: Write Your Intention in the present tense and be specific. 

I, (your name), am a software engineering manager at a SaaS company that supports the mental health industry.


I, (your name), am working on my side hustle so I’m ready for my retirement from my current role by December 2022.


I, (your name), am confidently asking for a 10% raise BEFORE my next review.

Step 2: Speak Your Intention.

Your words have power. State your intention aloud 5 times every morning when you wake up and 5 times every night before bed.

Step 3: Take InspiHER’d Action 

Now, ask yourself, what do I need to do today to fully commit to my intention? Then do it. Often our commitment fails because we wait on taking action. Not anymore. Not you.

Be the pig 🐷.