I have gained some weight and I am not happy about it. I could blame 2020 and no one would fault me. Yet, even if the isolation and low-level anxiety of the pandemic contributed to my overeating, the fact is something’s got to change.

Except, I am not fully ready to change. I know that when I feel at my best I’m eating “clean”, whole foods, no sugar, no flour in measured amounts (no guessing games).

But the crazy thing is that when I think about going back to eating the way I feel the best I shut down. I know what I “should” do but then my rebel child chimes in.  “I just don’t wanna! You can’t make me!”

The same sort of thinking goes on when you are in a job you don’t love.

You know the work, boss, team, company mission, latest merger are not making you feel your best. You know you “should” start a job search but you just don’t wanna.

What’s Your Response to Your Rebel Child?

Even though I am not quite ready to get back to clean eating I know in my heart that I’ll be happier, healthier, sleep better and feel more powerful when I do.

So, instead of trying to make a BIG leap,  I am starting with the small steps of preparing to prepare.


  • I got back out my Bright Lines Eating book and reread it. Nothing more.
  • I started reading the labels at the store to see what did and did not have sugar. No purchases.
  • I printed off a food journal.
  • I pulled out my food scale.
  • I watched a few Bright Lines videos.

That’s it. No real work. Just easing my way back into a mindset. Feeling my way back to clean eating.

Preparing to Prepare for a Job Change

Similarly, you do not have to rewrite your resume. Just pull it out and put it in a folder for later review.

  • Look up career coaches online (or memorize my website address-www.inspiHERtech.com) but don’t contact them…yet.
  • Sit in chair and imagine what it will feel like when you are in a new job.
  • Tell someone that you may be starting a job search at some point in the future. No pressure.

It may seem like you are doing nothing different, but you are in fact preparing to prepare for a career move. You are getting yourself emotionally and psychologically ready before any big action steps are taken.

At some point you will start to feel a shift in your energy. The idea of changing jobs will not feel quite so scary. You will want to be more active in your search. You will find yourself looking at job postings and wanting to apply. You will start to talk to people about the role you are looking for in case they might have an idea. You will hire a career coach.

So what change do you know you want to make but you’ve been avoiding?

Find one way to prepare to prepare for it and then do nothing else.

Career Change Can Suck!


Career Change Can Suck!

Making Change Easy – An energy process with Jo Dunning

Career Change Can Suck!