I was talking with a young woman who had recently been laid off.

She was unhappy.

I listened to her talk and could feel both her fear and her blame:

  • It will take me so long to find a new job I love
  • Filing for Unemployment- ugh!
  • Darn Covid
  • If only management had done things differently…

I said that I knew it was not what she had been planning on. It felt so out of her control. Yet, what she could have control over was how she was going to approach being laid off. Simply put, will she see the job search as a Glass half empty 🥛 or Glass Overflowing 🍹?

Will she: 

  • Have Ill OR Good will
  • Have Distrust OR Trust
  • Place Conditions on Life OR Love Life Unconditionally

Making “That All Sounds Great” Concepts Actionable:

  • When you move from ill will to good will one of the things you can do is make a list of 10 things that you appreciated about where you were. This brings about the peace of acceptance that makes all situations better.
  • When you move from distrust to trust it is about the simple changing of a preposition. Don’t look at what happened TO you. Instead look at what is happening FOR you. Make a list of the 10 ways being laid off could actually be beneficial FOR you.
  • When you move from placing conditions on life to loving life unconditionally you actually DO less and BE more. Loving life unconditionally is about full surrender. Letting go of what you thought should have happened or what you hope will happen in the future. Surrender. Let life carry you right now. No questions, expectations, or conditions.   All is well!




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