I have been making a real shift in my relationship to money over the last few years.

When I became certified as a life coach through Martha Beck’s Life Coaching school,  we spoke a lot about the use of metaphors for interpreting dreams, figuring out coincidences and helping make something we are learning about more meaningful and accessible.  Like $$$ money.

In a recent podcast Martha Beck talked about how she sees money as a conscious energy. She often will make money a metaphor like a river that is flowing or dammed up.

As part of her work over her career she has interviewed both the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor. They often, ironically, had a similar mindset of fear, scarcity and not having enough.

In one example, Martha told about an organization in Africa that was helping women learn a trade so they could provide better for their families.

The problem was that the organization noticed a concerning pattern. Women would learn the trade, begin to make more money and then sabotage themselves back into poverty.

The leader of the organization realized it was not just about knowing how to make money for themselves but, in order to be successful, they had to change their mindset about money and their worthiness to receive it.

Once they worked on their mindset the women were able to  build and sustain a new, more prosperous life.

Money as Your Metaphorical BFF

This got me thinking. What if you and money were like best friends? What kind of friend would you be?

Imagine you are at a party. You see Money walk into the room, grab a holiday beverage, a plate of tasty appetizers and then scan the room.

You notice first that Money sees Eeyore. Hanging with Eeyore means an evening of  doom and gloom. With a quick shake of the head, Money keeps scanning.

Then Money sees Chicken Little. If you want to spend your party time with Chicken Little then you must like hearing stories of the world coming to an end, conspiracy theories and tragedy lurking around the corner. Money has no interest in those conversations.

Money keeps looking around the room and sees Duel. Duel is full of energy. Just not the kind of energy that makes you feel good. Duel is argumentative, combative and angry. Duel is not fun!

Finally, Money sees Beamer and you can see the smile. There is no question where Money is going to spend their time. Money likes being with Beamer because Beamer is generous, appreciative, receptive, patient and fun-loving.

Just the kind of friend Money is looking for this holiday season and in all seasons.

Access Your Beamer Mindset

It can be easy to slip into these different personas and then wonder why Money is not coming to you. Whenever you start to feel sad, scared or angry about Money change it up.

What I have found is that when I am appreciative of money, generous with my prosperity, open to receiving, patient with my savings and spend money joyfully Money wants to spend more time with me.

This is a perfect time to transform your mindset to a Beamer mindset.

Appreciate your bills as you pay them, patiently put a little away into savings, plan a fun outing with your besties, give to someone in need and watch Money come to you in ways expected and unexpected.



Women for Women International is an organization I have contributed to for years. If you are looking for a way to share your friend Money generously and help a woman provide for herself and her family then this is one idea.