I have 3 vision boards.

I write my career goals every January and post them on my bulletin board at work.

I am a Passion Test Facilitator who works with people on aligning their passions with the work they are meant to do in the world. And I give myself the Passion Test from time to time to see if anything has changed that might help in making my dreams come to fruition.

The point is that I have dreams and I work towards making them happen.

And today I realized I had been making a BIG mistake.

I’ve been looking at this dream thing all wrong.

What Is the Big Mistake?

Have you felt that feeling of dissatisfaction when you look at your vision board or goal list and it seems like the dream you had last year is still sitting there waiting to be achieved?

Me too! And that’s the mistake.

We need to stop looking into our future and look at our now.

We need to ask ourselves in what ways are our dreams coming true now.

For me, one answer to that question is that I am writing this blog on my iPhone in my car at 10:00 am after just finishing a two-mile walk.

My point: I’m not at my desk!

I did not specifically have a goal to not be at my desk at 10:00 am. I had a dream of being able to have freedom in my day.

Freedom to do what felt right and good in the moment.

Freedom to release the idea of having to be at work at a specific time, work for 8-10 hours, eat dinner and work some more.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually love work so this was not necessarily a hardship. I just was so rigid with myself. I did not believe that I could get my work done and start later, walk in the middle of the day or take off a couple of hours early to play bridge with my mom and her friends. (Yes, that happened once a month pre-Covid).

Writing in my car after a walk counts as a dream being fulfilled right now.

Simply because it feels so good. That’s how fulfilled dreams feel. Good.

I feel no dissatisfaction or yearning for my future life because I’m living the dream right now.

Try this:

Spend 10 minutes looking at how your life’s dreams are being fulfilled right now. Head to our Facebook
group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/inspihertechcommunity) and post:

#dreamfulfilled I’m not at my desk at 10:00 am but walking in nature instead


#dreamfulfilled Laughing with my work bestie until my stomach hurts


#dreamfulfilled Applying to new jobs because I love ❤️ myself more than I love this job (Read more on that topic HERE)


#dreamfulfilled Just asked for a salary increase even though I was scared out of my Skechers.

The thing is your dreams are not ONLY out there somewhere in your future. Your dreams are being fulfilled in your career right now. You just need to acknowledge your #dreamfulfilled.