I was listening to a recent Ted Radio Hour segment on “Jumpstarting Creativity”.  They were talking with Brian Eno. Brian is an English musician and producer.  He was in Roxy Music and has worked with many well-known bands like U2, David Bowie and Coldplay helping make arguably some of the best albums of their careers.

Brian, in an effort to help both himself and his bands when they seem to be stuck creatively, created Oblique Strategy Cards.

These are a series of cards with various sayings on them. If things are not moving forward during a recording session Brian will draw a card at random.

The card might say,  “all band members switch instruments”.

Brian said that at first the bandmates might resist but eventually they get on board and that is when the magic happens.

Creativity starts flowing again.

If you are on a job search or just feeling a bit claustrophobic with the “shelter at home” edict, these cards can get your creative juices flowing and change up the ho-hum workday.

Added bonus: Reduced stress and uplifted mood!


Print pages and cut.  Separate “cards”.  When you get stuck, draw a card at random and do what it says.