You’ve been in conflict.

You’ve been feeling unsettled.

You know you want a change but then second guess yourself.

You have big dreams. You know you have something important to offer the world.

You seem to always be looking forward to that pot of gold at the end of your career rainbow without ever getting there.

And all of this leaves you feeling depleted and resigned.

Like nothing is going to change. You are still going to be getting up and going to the same job, doing the same, less than satisfying, work. Or, if on a job search, you just know the right job is never going to come your way.

Let Me Help You Find Your Career Pot of Gold…and I am not just talking about money.

We all have felt frustrated in our careers. And don’t get me started about job searches. I was talking with a woman last week who said she has been on the quest to find the right job and company for three years! And it has been hard, draining and left her feeling hopeless.

Don’t fret. I have the answer to career and job search hopelessness. And guess what? It is actually an easy fix.

Be content TODAY. Find things to appreciate in your career/job search RIGHT NOW. Watch the angst and despair melt away.


One simple way to find contentment in your career right now is through appreciation.

  • “I appreciate my career right now because it allows me to pay that water bill that keeps me in hot showers.”
  • “I appreciate my career right now when I do something well and have that feeling inside of accomplishment.”
  • “I appreciate my career right now because I get to spend time with Joanne who makes me laugh in spite of myself.”
  • I appreciate my career right now … (You fill in the blank).

Hint: If you are having trouble make sure to use the words when and because. Your brain is compelled to respond.



Quote of the Day 

Richard St. John, business owner, success expert and author of

The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common: 8 To Be Great. 



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