I am not great at celebrating work milestones.

I get very focused on what I am doing and forget about all that is being accomplished along the way.

I knew this was a leadership quality I wanted to improve upon but was not sure exactly what or how I wanted to go about doing it.

Then I heard about this tip from a leader at a workshop I was running and thought, “Now this is something I can do because it feels like fun not like some sort of “should”.

3 Steps to Celebrating Progress With Your Team

The suggestion that this leader made was to celebrate a project or event like you would other major milestones in your life.

A Baby Shower-Whenever you start a project or a new event consider giving it a baby shower.  As in a traditional baby shower, you are celebrating something that is not yet born. Besides lots of clothes and a bassinet often moms and dads get tips and ideas that have worked for others who have birthed a baby.

That project your team is getting ready to start is just like a new baby. Before you launch, bring your team together along with other people in the company who have worked on something similar and start gathering tips and tricks. What do you have, what do you need, what are some tips and tricks others have used to be successful, things to avoid or watch out for?

You may even have a “naming” party and name your “project baby”.  I have heard of many IT projects with very creative names. Names even the Kardashian-West’s would envy.

A Birthday-And then the baby is born. In IT we might say this baby has been launched or is going live. Wow!  This is really something to celebrate. All the preparation is paying off. The idea is now reality. Ring the bell! Blow out the candles. Shout it out to the world. Now is a great time for a team lunch. You can look at lessons at a different time. Just celebrate. I suggest cranking up the Birthday Song by the Beatles to 11.

An anniversary-The baby has grown. Stumbles may have occurred but they were remedied. The baby is moving from infant to toddler to teen and eventually to mature adult. Along the way remember all that went into this Project Blue Ocean. Pat yourself on the back. Pat your team members on their back. You did it.

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