Over Thanksgiving the family got out an oldie-but-a-goodie game called Would You Rather?

If you have never played the game it basically asks you to choose between two things that are sometimes hard to choose between and often so unappealing you do not want to choose either.

Some examples are:

  • Would you rather always spit when you talk or always be spit upon?
  • Would you rather have the ability of 10 athletes or the knowledge of 10 scholars?
  •  Be a brilliant singer in a bad band or a mediocre singer in a wildly popular band?

You get the idea.

Would You Rather Stay Or Go?

This weekend I was at a holiday party talking with someone who reads these blogs. She mentioned that she is unhappy in her current role and wants to start a search but just can’t seem to get things going.

I decided to create a Would You Rather? game that might help her (you know who you are?) and you move forward faster in your job search.

Let The Games Begin

Would you rather stay in your current role or work on a resume?

Would you rather accept the 1.5% pay increase or get a 5%+ jump by changing jobs?

Would you rather dwell in how you are too old or buy a cool piece of statement jewelry and start your job search?

Would you rather accept status quo or ask for what you want?

Would you rather be the person people avoid because they are tired of your sob story or be the person who ignites courage in others to explore their dreams like you did?

Would you rather feel lost in what to do next in your job search or spend some money and hire a coach?

Would you rather let imagined bad outcomes and fear win or face your fears and see what happens?

Would you rather do nothing and keep getting the same result or do 1 thing towards getting a new job?

With a New Year almost upon us, set aside some time in this last month of 2018 to really think about what you would rather next year to look like-more of this year or something different.

There is no wrong answer but, depending on what you have answered, there may be some actions that need to be taken.