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Take Charge

A job search can be confusing, overwhelming and stressful.    Consider the male-dominated field of tech, and being seen and heard for Women in Tech-related Careers is even more challenging.

That’s when questions like these start buzzing in your head.

  • Where do I even start? 
  • Am I spending time on the right things? 
  • What am I missing?
  • How do I set myself apart?
  • Do I even have a chance?
  • How do I balance a job search, working and a family?

Imagine replacing questions, doubt and angst with a two-word rebel cheer: Take Charge!

Take Charge is the only on-demand, self-paced course that teaches high-impact job search strategies, skills and tactics – exclusively for Women in Tech-related Careers. One power step leads to another. Take Charge makes each one count.

From mindset to negotiating an offer — find your next job faster, more confidently and with amazing results (like more money, perks and opportunity for growth!)

“I am convinced that the Game Changer Tool that I learned about in Take Charge was the secret weapon and why I got the job.” – Take Charge Graduate

What is Take Charge?

  • 9 modules with 20+ HD videos (about 7 minutes each).
  • Watch them when you want, wherever you want.
  • Learn from the #1 most InspiHER-ing (and funny!) career strategist/coach on the planet, Laurie Swanson.
  • Plus: get 25+ samples, done-for-you downloadables, resource lists, cheat sheets and templates — professional resume services charge hundreds for these.
  • Bonus: 3-Month free membership to the “IT” Community, a global community of Women in Tech-related Careers.
  • You will have access to the Take Charge Digital Course for 3 months from your first class. Go back and review all the great info at your own pace.  AND…if you decide you want 3 more months, we got you. Just email us and we will extend your access for a low additional investment. 

What to Expect?

Take Charge is like having a personal career coach on demand. You’ll learn how to:

  • Turn your LinkedIn profile into a recruiter magnet
  • Peak curiosity with a resume that creates desire (and does the hiring manager’s homework!)
  • Overcome the #1 job search obstacle
  • Get game day ready with strategic interview and follow-up techniques
  • Craft stories that deepen connection during interviews and set you apart
  • Recruiter secrets to finding and evaluating tech candidates
  • Search for jobs in places most candidates don’t even know exist
  • Ask for more money with strategic negotiating muscle
  • Stay motivated, focused and accountable during your job search
  • Press reset on your job search mindset and overcome the confidence gap that holds many women in business back

“Take Charge works when you work it.” – Take Charge Graduate

What would be the value if . . .

You could start a higher-paying job – one month sooner?

You felt clear and confident about the job search process?

You could showcase your skills and abilities in such a way as to elevate yourself above the competition?

You could actually help companies “see” you in the role you applied for?

You could have a job search that is organized and almost done for you?

You could ask for more money with 100% confidence?

You could achieve results you never imagined possible? 

Step into the driver’s seat.

Take Charge is your all-in-one job search tool:

     ♦  Even if … you don’t have a clue what your next career move is

     ♦  Even if … you haven’t updated your resume in years

     ♦  Even if … you feel overwhelmed with no idea where to start

     ♦  Even if … you think there’s no way your background matches your dream job

     ♦  Even if … you’ve recently been downsized, downplayed or down in the dumps

Whether you’re looking to move up in your company or find a new job, the story of your career is about to change.

Take Charge arms you with new strategies, skills and tactics. 

First, you’ll get clear on what YOU want from your career and create a job tracking document that keeps you motivated and focused.

Next, you’ll discover hidden opportunities to attract recruiters, hiring managers and promotion committees. With your newfound networking strategies, every virtual or live event becomes a career growth opportunity.

Naturally, you are SO job search smart that your keywords leap over the scanners. Your resume and LinkedIn profile peak curiosity. Your phone call leaves hiring managers wanting more. And your follow-up? Sets you apart by a country mile.

And then, the big finish. As you begin negotiating salary and perks, something magical happens. You’ve differentiated yourself SO well all along that you confidently ask for more — enough to make you say: “Yes, I did it!”

Way to work it! You left nothin’ on the table for your job search.

The epilogue: this beautiful ending is just the beginning . . .



Module 0:  

Getting Started


Module 1:  

Market Yourself – Your Personal Brochure


Module 2:  

Market Yourself – LinkedIn


Module 3:  

Activate Your Job Search


Module 4:  

Take Action


Module 5:

Building Community


Module 6:

Take Charge Game Changer Tool


Module 7:

Agile Interviewing that Leads to an Offer


Module 8:

Build Your Ask Muscle


Module 9:

Handshake to Handshake

Everything you need to go from

“Time to make a change” to “Yes, I accept your fabulous offer!

Take Charge of Your Job Search

Join today for $497

Join a global community of Women in Tech-related Careers who have your back! Share ideas, victory stories and make valuable connections that expand your referral network. Plus, get exclusive access to live Q&As and ongoing support from your sisters in tech. Feel the positive energy every step in your career.

Meet Laurie, the #1 most InspiHER-ing career coach/strategist 

Laurie began a lifelong love of technology as a computer programmer before moving into Technology Sales and Technology Recruiting. She has connected thousands of people with their dream jobs through The Laso Corporation, a company she founded in 1995. Laso evolved into InspiHER Tech, supporting Laurie’s mission to #HireMoreWomenInTech.

Laurie carries the flag for women passionate about technology. She works with many tech-driven organizations like Hub88, the INCubatoredu program, Chicago Innovation and AnitaB.org where she’s one of a small, select group of coaches for Women in Tech listed. Always up for a good party, Laurie hosts an online Facebook community for “Women in Tech: Creating Careers + Lives They Love.”

Hi, I’m Laurie. I did all this so I could teach you the secrets of landing your dream job.

Take Charge gives you downloadable templates, take-charge techniques and time-tested strategies from:

  • 10,000+ resumes reviewed.
  • Placed candidates skilled in 10+ programming languages.
  • 500+ job search consult sessions.
  • 1000+ blogs and articles written about careers in tech.
  • Hundreds of people placed in tech jobs at start-ups to Fortune 50 companies
  • Certified for The Passion Test, Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell, Life Coach with Dr. Martha Beck.
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Is Take Charge Right For You?

Take Charge is meant for any woman looking to make a commitment to her job search – new, mid-career or veteran. The course is perfect for software developers, IT project managers, data engineers, IT QAs, technical leads, AI/ML engineers, IT managers and digital marketers.

To sum it all up: You’ve already looked at your resume 10x this month, but you still haven’t sent it out. No bigs. Because the Take Charge Digital Course has everything you need to really go for it — and land that dream. Getting excited about the road ahead?

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Join today for $497

Join a global community of Women in Tech-related Careers who have your back! Share ideas, victory stories and make valuable connections that expand your referral network. Plus, get exclusive access to live Q&As and ongoing support from your sisters in tech. Feel the positive energy every step in your career.