Money is such a tricky subject.

We have all kinds of stories that we have learned about money that have led to beliefs that do not necessarily serve us.

Stories like:

  • Money is limited and scarce – it doesn’t grow on trees
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Wanting money means I am a bad person
  • I can’t make money doing what I love
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness
  • More money, more problems
  • I’m not smart with money

When I do one-on-one coaching, we do a deep dive into limiting beliefs to remove all the thoughts that are creating less-than-optimal results.

No surprise limiting money beliefs are topping the list.

I approach the relationship with money differently. I choose to believe that:

There is a ❤️ 🔺 Love Triangle between You, Money and Your Career

I think about it as the 3 of you working in concert.

You are in this game of life together as equal partners.

You are the steward and the beneficiary of Money in the physical world.

You are the channel and implementer of your Career’s form of service in the physical world.

Simply said … you implement the ideas that Money and your Career have on how you are best meant to serve using your gifts, abilities and experiences.

  • Money flows in support of your Career
  • Money relies on you to be open to receive
  • Money relies on you to trust in it and it’s process
  • Money energy flows through your Career, opening up avenues and ideas to support its success and your highest form of service

There is no need to worry, rush or “do”.

You wait and remain in creative response.

You ask Money and your Career what is required of you next and then act … even when it makes no sense.

Which makes the whole  ❤️ 🔺 Love Triangle ❤️ 🔺 that much more fun.

Money is always joyful.

Your Career is always ready and willing.

You are in a ❤️ 🔺 Love Triangle ❤️ 🔺 of the best kind.

CAREER TIP: Repeat this mantra: “I am relaxed, peaceful and ready to take action based on the guidance of Money and my Career. I never rush or worry.”

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