Over the last month, I’ve been experiencing low-level vertigo.

If you’ve ever had vertigo, you know it’s very disconcerting. It feels like the floor is falling out from under you like you are on a small boat in the middle of a squall. A major swirl in your brain.  Quite uncomfortable.

This is not my first experience with vertigo but this time it felt different. Not physically but emotionally. Instead of fighting it, I’ve been relaxing into it. I have been allowing the swirl, breathing deep into the unbalanced feelings.

This seems to be working. The uncomfortable physical feelings pass more quickly.

When a Swirl Speaks…Listen

Another major difference is that I decided to dip into my coaching bag of tricks. I asked the Swirl what message it had for me. I know.  A bit woo-woo but the answer that came back has been life-changing.

The Swirl said that I was in the midst of a reforming.

Hmm. How might that be true for me? How might that be true for you?

Your Career Reforming

When you are on a job search or in the midst of layoffs (hello recession) or a company merger life can feel like vertigo. The floor is rocking back and forth. Nothing is stable.

But instead of going to the knee-jerk reaction of “Holy crap, now what do I do?”  try allowing the feelings to move through you without attaching a story to them.

Then ask yourself, “if this is a time of reforming for me, what would that mean?”

I’ve talked about this type of transformation (because that is really what is happening)  with my coaching clients and in these blogs before. I liken it to the transformation that occurs when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. In the middle is that liminal period when all its cells turn into liquid swirling inside the cocoon as it sits fully supported on a branch. And then they begin to reform into a butterfly. Same cells. Same DNA. Different being altogether. One that flies!

If you feel like you are experiencing vertigo in your job search or in your career, take a few minutes to breathe into it. Imagine you are reforming.  Get excited about what is coming, even if it is all a big swirl of liquid bug right now.

Take a moment to acknowledge, with gratitude and amazement, that you are in fact joyously becoming a whole new magnificent version of you! With a whole new career. A career where you soar!

Are you feeling the swirl of reforming and, like a caterpillar in a cocoon, know a branch of support is exactly what you need?  Then it is the perfect time for True Nature Coaching!   Sign up here!