Yep. That is my new acronym that stands for A Year of Wild Abandon

Can you feel it?

I know you’ve felt it before.

That tug towards a life of wild abandon, of going after our dreams without restriction.

What if: 

You took this year and left no stone unturned?

You did all those things your heart calls you to do?

You challenged your limiting beliefs and behaviors that have been keeping you in your routine?

A year of adventures.

A year where you experience life to its fullest.

A year when you confidently say yes and courageously say no.

A  year of doing things outside your comfort zone.

A year of busting through those limiting thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

SO…are you already feeling afraid?


That’s why we must say yes to living this year, 2022,  in Wild Abandon, connecting to our True Nature and following our True North. 

  • Spending money we think we “should” save
  • Taking time off when our schedule says there’s no way
  • Signing up for that dance class…and buying those outfits to go with it
  • Asking yourself “What if?’ and responding, “Why not?”
  • Seeing your favorite band…in a different country
  • Starting that side hustle
  • Writing that first novel
  • Questioning every limiting though.
  • Quitting that toxic job!
  • Getting a tattoo
  • Dyeing your hair bright orange
  • Singing Karaoke…in Japan!
  • Diving deep into the scary and messy
  • Letting go of fear, guilt, doubt and worry
  • Creating boundaries and releasing resistance

Let this year be the year when you look back and say, “ I did that”,” I said this”, “I tried that”, “I went there”,” I ate that”. I felt it all.

I lived in Wild Abandon.

What would be different if you trusted life UNCONDITIONALLY and allowed Wild Abandon to lead? 

Try This: 

  1. Say “No More” to one obligation that feels like a burden
  2. Say “Yes Please” to 1 thing that is outside of your comfort zone
  3. Let me know what you did and how you felt. Email [email protected] and put AYOWA in the subject line.

In a Year of Wild Abandon, it is time to say yes to something new and different in your career. Let’s call in your Ideal Job by writing your Ideal Job Description. Sign up for our FREE Webinar! 

A Year of Wild 🦁 Abandon