I was recently asked about all the writing I do.

How do I come up with my ideas?  Do I find it a hard process?

Good questions!

I had not really thought about the HOW before.

Until recently, I did not even think of myself as a writer until many people told me that in fact that is one of the things that I am and I like that.

When asked about my writing process, I realized that how I approach a blog is how I approach my life.

And…it is also a really great approach for someone on a job search or in the midst of plotting their next career move.

Oh, and by the way, it has very little to do with me.  I like not having to bear that pressure.

Laurie’s Blog Process

1.  When I am Getting Ready to Get Ready to write a blog, I always notice a bit of fear in the center of my stomach. At this point I usually have to remind myself that I pretty much always feel this fear AND I have not missed getting a blog out on schedule (except for one, out-of-my-control, exception) since I made the commitment to writing a blog.
Good to know.

2.  Then I always talk with the Universe, Divine, God etc. and let them know WE have a blog due out on Monday. I ask, “What do WE want to write about?”

I am very clear that this process is something that comes through me but is not mine. Now, do you have to fully believe this is true? No. Does it help to believe it a little bit in order to reduce fear? Hell Yes!

3.  After getting in partnership with the Divine I do my part which is actually two parts – receiving and responding:

Receiving – I open myself up to ideas. I listen. I follow my curiosity. Very much like what I have read about when people are tracking an animal in the wild. I track signs, sounds, words, what I read, what I hear that leads me to a feeling of excitement. I sometimes lost the track. That’s OK. I remain patient with the process and the next thing you know, I hear myself saying, “That is interesting. Let’s write about that!”

Responding – Once I “receive” an idea then I respond. Sometimes the idea comes while walking so I will respond by texting myself the idea. Other times I put pen to paper (I have pen and paper EVERYWHERE) or my fingers to keyboard and I begin to write. It is often messy. There are not clear connections between problem, learnings and solutions that I like to have when I finalize a blog. That is OK because I am aware that this too is part of the process. Getting the ideas and thoughts and inspirations out of my head onto paper and then working on the flow and connection later is the process. I write until I feel complete…or stuck.

4.  If I get stuck has actually become one of my favorite times. Because that is when I do nothing. I let the words I have written swirl. I go get a Starbucks or play a quick online game of Spades. I keep talking to the Universe and receiving. “Hey Universe, What else do you want to make sure is said? What was missed? What about that part right there that makes zero sense but is a cool sentence?” “OK. OK. I will take it out.“ There really is a strong requirement of not resisting what needs to happen so that what wants to happen has space to manifest.5.  Then I go back to the blog and read it again. I remove things, add things, change the order on things and let go of things even when I feel VERY attached. This is key!

6.  Eventually it is done. I know it is done because I feel peaceful about it. I thank the Universe for its inspiHERation and guidance and get the darn thing ready to send.

Using the WOO Makes Everything Easier

When you are on a job search or planning your next 3 years of career moves you can get stuck. If you simply connect with your definition of the Divine, ask for support on what should happen next, receive, respond, do nothing, rinse and repeat.

Eventually you will know your efforts for that day are done. You will be at a place of peace.

And, best of all, it had very little to do with you and a bunch to do with the WOO.

That takes the pressure off.

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