Strap on your “Anything Is Possible” wings because I had a mystical experience that gave me another way to further my mission to Defy Career Hustle Culture AND have Career Success! (Read the Career Hustle Culture blog).

I was out and about in my car, feeling the anxiety of financial stress. Business has been slow.  No surprise given it is summer, and it is a BIG election year.

Throw in a pandemic and flattening economy and hiring is stalled.

Not great when my primary income comes from recruiting and helping companies hire.

Also not great for the many people I speak with who have been furloughed, laid off, had their hours cut or recently graduated college with no interviews on the horizon.

I feel ya!

Something Mystical Happens!

As I am driving and practicing what I preach – breathing so I can calm my fearful brain, questioning my limiting thoughts and listening to peaceful music – all of a sudden I feel like my perspective is floating above me.

I am still firmly planted in my car seat and able to pay attention to driving but I am also above everything.

I see troubles like popcorn popping below me, yet I am above it. I am not a part of the chaos just calmly observing it.

Then A Thought Arises

As I am having this experience, I hear an internal voice:

“Laurie, you have been here before. You have traveled through chaos and come out the other side. And you will weather this storm. This time let’s do it differently. Worry less and trust more while remaining peaceful in the storm“.

And then this quote from Pema Chodron came into my head:
I am the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.

peace came over me.
This was a surreal experience yet I knew what had occurred was Truth with a capital “T”.

During previously chaotic/scary times, like 2001 or 2008, I felt similar fear.

But when I look back now, I realize that my troubles all sorted themselves out.  The worry and sleepless nights did not help. Like a dam in a river,  the flow of support and solutions have a harder time reaching me when I fret.

I’ve decided to take the advice that seemed to come from beyond and trust that all of us are going to get through whatever chaos comes our way.

We need only rise above and look down on the disruption with an open and trusting heart free of worry and fear. Let the popcorn pop. Let the weather come.

Let the weather happen!



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