I was at a recent concert of my current favorite new band, The Beths. The concert was at an outdoor street festival in Chicago. My husband and I arrived about 2 hours ahead of the time The Beths were scheduled to begin. We visited the 2 stages, 10 booths and 3 food trucks.

This was no Lollapalooza.

We took are spot on the street directly center about 3 rows back of the stage.

When The Beths began playing I could not stop dancing.

I knew most words to every song and I sang them.

My head bopped and my feet swiveled.

I just had good plain fun.

After the concert my husband and I hustled over to the merchandise table to get a t-shirt.

While waiting our turn a woman came up to me and said, “I was watching you through the whole show. You were having so much fun. You could tell how much you loved the band and I thought you should have this. “

She handed me The Beths set list.

I was barely able to say thank you when she just took off. I turned to my husband and told him I thought I could cry.

I had not felt so “seen” in a very long time.

When You Feel Something, Do Something

I don’t know about you but there are have been many times where I have felt love, appreciation or admiration for someone and kept it to myself.

I see someone doing something courageous and think that took courage but never tell the person.

I enter an elevator and notice a great scarf a woman is wearing but am too shy to break the elevator code and compliment her.

I watch a great effort at work come to life and don’t think to send off a quick email to acknowledge the people who made it happen.

I know many companies now have Shout Outs in their weekly corporate communications and there are software products out there that make it easy to send someone a gold star. All good stuff.

I think that whether something reminds you to take notice of someone doing something worth complimenting or if you just get that expanded feeling in your chest as you watch someone enjoying themselves at a concert don’t hold back. Let them know. Their good work or fun dance moves made you feel good.

Send an email.

Send flowers.

Give them a Starbucks e-gift card.

Do it. Don’t wait.



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