I recently went to moms’ weekend at my daughter’s college.

No surprise, that got me thinking about my college days at the University of Texas.

College was So Much Fun. No significant worries. Listening to music down on 6th street, margaritas at The Oasis, lazing outside at Barton Springs.

This led me to my years right after college.

Also, super fun. Living by Wrigley Field, going to concerts at the Cubby Bear, hanging out at North Ave. beach.

And I started my own business.

How did that happen?

I knew nothing about starting a business. Or running a business. Or hiring people. Or managing people.

Yet, that didn’t stop me.

I had no fear

I decided I wanted to do it and did it. I planned a little but it was mainly about what dishes to get and how to decorate. Yes, I got an attorney and an accountant. I hired two people, then a third, bought software and office furniture, rented a loft space in River North area of Chicago and launched!

Watching the kids walk around campus, playing spike ball and throwing a frisbee I thought how I want to get more of that carefree, devil-may-care attitude back into my life.

As if I didn’t have kids and a mortgage and worrisome thoughts moving through my head.

How about you?

Are you making career decisions based on your pocketbook and not your heart? 

Have you stopped taking risks?

Have you let the fun-loving youngster side of you take a backseat?

Enough of that!

Time to add a bit of risk and surprise back into out lives.

Time to follow what our hearts are saying and stop listening to the voice of fear and our pocketbook.

Try This

This week do something risky, not life threatening, but daring. Bold. Do something out of your routine. Surprise yourself. Check out the video below from Tina Seelig, teacher of innovation and entrepreneurship at Stanford. She talks about how being lucky is really about being willing to take small risks-social, emotional, intellectual and financial risks. 

Get an urge and follow it.

I’m going to take a social risk and make a call to a woman who leads an organization I admire and ask her if she would be open to a chat.  

What are you going to do? Post it here in the Facebook group. Let’s root each other on and remind ourselves that taking risks is fun.


A little nervous about taking a risk? Let me support you!