I have a thing for TO-DO lists. I love checking things off them. I like accomplishing things and I am pretty good at getting things done. When I do not get them done that day, for whatever reason, I move them to the next day’s TO-DO list.

With the best of intentions.

Until I noticed a pattern.

I have things on my TO-DO list that I WANT to do and things I HAVE to do that I somehow manage to complete and mark off the list. These are my “pat myself on my back” moments that I give myself throughout the day. So, even if I do not get to some things, I am still end up feeling good about my day.

A Bit Of Self-deception Is Going On Here

And then there are 2 other things.

  1. Those things I say I want to do that just keep being moved to the next day’s TO-DO list.
  2. Those things that I have decided (consciously or unconsciously) do not need to be put on the TO-DO list thereby letting me procrastinate.

These are those things that will get done by magic, I guess.

Like walking every day or drinking my daily 64 ounces of water.

I realized that I needed to approach my TO-DO list in a new way.

I decided a new name was in order.

I no longer call it my just my TO-DO list.

I now call it my Get Done by The End of Day List.

This adds a sense of urgency.

It helps me to make a more deliberate decision about what I want to accomplish in the day and does not let me off the hook quite like my TO-DO list was.

It is the FIT BIT of TO-DO lists

If you have a Fit Bit you will know what I mean. You have a goal of 10,000 steps per day but are getting ready for bed, glance at your Fit Bit and notice you are only at 9759. That is when you find yourself walking from the kitchen to the living room to the front hall and back again until you get to the 10,000.

By having a Get Done By the End of the Day list I have realized that I can take my walk AT ANY TIME not just 7:30 in the morning.

I can drink a big glass of water right before bed to finish off my 64 ounces. Yes, I end up having to get up during the night but these trips are a natural consequence that motivates me to drink more consistently during the day for sure.  I hate getting up during the night.

Try This

  1. Download the Get Done by The End of the Day list. I have designed it so you can have one sheet per week. I also included a place along the right side where you can put future “TO-DO’s” that are not ready for the prime-time list.
  2. Every night before bed write down all the things you plan to get done before the end of the next day.
  3. Pat yourself on the back!