Unconscious Bias Corporate Program

Removing Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process Workshop

 Topic Summary

Removing Unconscious Bias is the foundation for creating a diverse and inclusive work culture. When bias goes unchecked it can lead to undesirable and unanticipated outcomes. Biases are built without our awareness in many cases. Active engagement in removing bias by individuals and organizations through self-awareness and organizational policies and procedures is the beginning of being able to recognize and acknowledge the presence of bias in ourselves and to counteract and challenge those bias that gets in the way of cultivating a rich, inclusive work culture…starting with our hiring process.

In this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Define Unconscious Bias and its relationship to diversity and inclusion
  • Understand the importance of looking at bias both for ourselves and the success of our organization
  • Look at the data on how biases are built
  • Learn about the top biases that show up in hiring, meetings and within teams
  • Learn about ways to interrupt bias and build stronger relationships, leadership skills and company culture.

Length: 2-2.5 hours

Investment: $1250

Delivered:  In-person or via Zoom

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