Take Charge Digital Course

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Taking Charge of Their Careers.

If you feel misaligned with your role, are underpaid or curious about how you can get more out of your next career move, our new Take Charge digital course will be a perfect career advancement launch pad.

Our Take Charge course will help you clarify your career wants and develop a strategy that takes you to your next career level.

We will help you:

  • Identify what makes you happy in your career
  • Create your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, and make yourself marketable for the job that you want
  • Build your network
  • Find hidden opportunities and succeed in your job search
  • Master the “big interview” — from video to technical to in-person – and explore the 30/60/90 interview success rule
  • Negotiate for the salary and benefits you want.
New Take Charge Digital Course Is Coming Soon!

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