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We Are More Powerful When We Empower Each Other 

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InspiHER Tech’s Career Change Cycle

The Career Change Cycle consists of four phases:

  • Career Disruption
  • Career Contemplation
  • Career Discovery
  • Career Love

While cycling forward is the goal, it’s completely normal to go back and forth. Just don’t stay in the first three phases for a long time.

Nobody’s career is perfect, but Career Love is where it’s at!

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InspiHER Tech Women in Tech Meetup

Women in Tech Creating a Life + Career They Love Meetup is a monthly roundtable conversation for and by women who are passionate about all aspects of tech: software engineering, computer science, coding, data, UX design, project management and more.

We meet virtually the third Saturday morning of every month — oftentimes in workout clothes or our favorite pair of jeans. You’ll love this group!

We explore all kinds of topics — from career elevation and job strategy to putting more FUN in our work to books. Best of all, we champion each other in a field defined by gender bias and pay inequity (booooo!). Join us. We’ll succeed together.

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InspiHER Tech Blogs

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InspiHER 8 Days to Career Contentment

Your Career is giddy to create this life with you. Your Career is a special part of you that connects you to the energy of all creation. Here’s the thing: I probably don’t have to tell you this, but it’s easy to ignore our Career’s voice with the busyness of everyday life. That’s OK. Because all that is about to change.

Get ready to spend the next 8 days reconnecting with your Career. You will receive a daily touchstone and a mission to more fully connect your career with your authentic, real, Soulful self.