IT Community

Have you ever walked into the office and wondered …

Who in this company understands me as a woman in a tech-related career?

The InspiHER Tech (“IT”) Community is where women gather to connect their careers to their true nature.

Your career demands a unique set of tools and strategies.

Have you ever asked . . .

     •  Is work/life balance possible?

     •  Where do I go next now that I’m mid-career?

     •  How do I lead in male-infested waters?

     •  With women leaving the tech field, should I?

     •  What’s the future hold for me?

     •  How do I get visibility within my company?

     •  Where do I find more confidence?

     •  What do I need to learn in order to grow in my career?

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I’m Laurie and Here’s the Plan

My name is Laurie Swanson. I’ve been championing people for 20+ years. I started as a coder. While it wasn’t my jam, I’ve spent a lifetime recruiting and career coaching people who are GREAT at coding, software engineering, product development and many other roles in technology.

I noticed something along the way. Many women in tech-related careers didn’t have a voice. They didn’t always have advancement opportunities. They didn’t have a champion.

So I said: Not acceptable.


Navigate your career with confidence and community. 


BUILT for and FUELED by women 




Got questions? Find answers and just the right dose of “I feel ya” to reset your day. Every fourth Saturday from 4:00 – 5:00 pm ct enjoy Q&A Tuesday. Tap the knowledge of the “IT” Community and expand your network.



Explore the influence, opportunity and power for women working in tech-related careers with exceptional guest speakers talking about leadership, building wealth, confidence and so much more.  We meet the second Tuesday of the month from 3:30 – 5:00 pm ct.



Ask questions on the “IT” Community Facebook group where members gather and support each other.  Find a group of supporters and mentors all routing for you to find a career that suits your True Nature!



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“Bring on the togetherness of people who love tech as much as I do. I got a job tip that turned into a side hustle! I was thrilled!” – Yvonne

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BUILT for and FUELED by women

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Reimagine Your Career

15 Things You’ll learn from the “IT” Community

  • The best way to follow-up with a recruiter
  • The straight line to building wealth
  • The essence of leadership
  • Get found by hiring managers
  • Best content to post on LinkedIn
  • How to combat imposter syndrome
  • Top resume tricks and tips
  • How to connect with your inner-authority
  • Your personal brand mission statement
  • What every thank you note should have
  • How to write a great LinkedIn headline that attracts job inquiries
  • Ideas to combat career hustle culture
  • How to make more time for the things you love
  • Destress tips for technologists
  • Story selling your experiences

“Sometimes, just having access to people who have been there done that helps us see the next stage of our careers with less fear and more confidence.” – Michele

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