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Career coaching and tools created for InspiHER’d Leaders and Women in Tech


4 Stages in Career Transformation: Disruption, Contemplation, Discovery and Love.

Is your path to a great career hidden from view?

Many of us fall short of an inspired life.

Especially professional women, leaders and women working in tech. So, you “stick it out.” You change jobs on a whim. You might even overdo it – just to feel better (because a little Chianti fixes everything, right?).

Early on, your work was pretty dreamy. Maybe even exciting.

Then, one day, you felt stalled. Labeled. Stuck. Frustrated. Dismissed. Bored.

Let’s change that.

Your greatest potential comes from your True Nature – what you are truly called to do in this world. This goes way beyond updating your resume. This is about “owning” your job search. Negotiating up, up, up. And doing a career pivot with inner confidence and bold energy.



Connect the power of your true nature with your career – with expert coaching: strategy sessions, 1-on-1 and group coaching options.



Your #1 Job Search Tool.  Master your job search in record time, stand apart in a sea of candidates and land the job you really want. 



Our monthly Unstoppable Series features women leaders, authors and changemakers in a virtual setting. You’re officially invited. 

Meet Laurie, Your Career Sherpa

InspiHER Tech is led by the #1 Career Sherpa and Job Search Strategist for women, Laurie Swanson. As a successful tech recruiter for more than two decades, she has connected thousands of people with fulfilling careers.

Laurie harnesses her experience and empowers women just like you through coaching, speaking and the only on-demand job search tool exclusively created for women in tech: the Take Charge Digital Platform.

Organizations like Nokia, Accenture, AnitaB.Org, The Executives’ Club of Chicago, Chicago Innovation, Women Tech Founders, Hub88 and 1871 have engaged Laurie as a coach, mentor and speaker.

But it wasn’t always sunshine and roses . . . read the full story

What Makes InspiHER Tech Different?

Unlike traditional career coaching programs that focus solely on tactical job search or career-building tools, we believe that transforming your career starts from your profound, spiritual power center – your True Nature.

Again and again, we’ve seen how a person’s True Nature informs inner purpose and how inner purpose impacts career.

Aligning your True Nature with your career puts you in flow with work you enjoy (get it, get it, get it), working in a people-driven company culture (right up ahead) and transitioning to a meaningful career that amps up your energy (breathing deeper now?). Of course, we give you all the proven tactical and practical tools and tips to rise and fly in your career (that, quite frankly, is the easy part).

Laurie Making A Scene


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