You can work when, where and how you want.

You can go from reimagine your career – and impact the world starting right now or whenever you’re ready.

You can confidently exit your current career and start a anew fueled by your passions and expertise.

You can make money (lots of it) being your own boss – and feel whole again, with energy and excitement for your life’s work.

Led by Laurie Swanson,

Career Reset Group Program

is the only program designed for established Women in Tech who want more agency over their lives. 


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About the truth.

I’ll say what no one else will.

Your career in tech has not always been easy. You’ve reached major career goals and then some. Now you’re feeling burnt out, like a toast left in the toaster too long, ready to crumble.

You’ve been in tech for a while now. Where did the years go? 

Somewhere along the line, you lost agency over your life. What the . . . ?

The #1 reason many fall short of an inspired life: change is hard. Scratch that. Change can be terrifying. Are you with me?

Switch companies after all this time? Change roles? Go part-time? Become my own boss? Take a chance . . . on ME?

I’m Laurie Swanson. I know the secrets to preparing your exit strategy with confidence, launching your dream career and making money based on your passions and expertise – and believing in your future with the wind at your back.

Career Reset 

Career Reset is a 7-week group program designed for established Women in Tech who want to monetize their passions and expertise – and create their next career chapter based on who they are TODAY.

Laurie Making A Scene