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Go beyond job search frustration.

Get out of your career rut.

Connect your career to your True Nature.


4 Stages in Career Transformation: Disruption, Contemplation, Discovery and Love.

Live an Inspired Life

It’s right there in front of you. 

But many people – especially women working in the world of technology – fall short of an inspired life. You “stick it out” thinking it will get better. You change jobs thinking that will solve the problem. You might even overdo it sometimes – just to feel better (because ice cream fixes everything, right?).

Except it doesn’t. Because the real problem is: not feeling seen, heard or valued. That gut-wrenching feeling of being underemployed, unemployed or just knowing you’re not in the right job creates daily stress and disharmony.

When you first started out, tech seemed like a dream. You were off and running. It was exciting. Then, one day, you were stopped in your tracks. Labeled. Stuck. Frustrated. Dismissed. Bored. 

We are on a mission to change all that. We help women in tech-related careers connect with their true nature. Because success on your terms begins on the inside.

Living an inspired life is an amazing feeling. Your true potential comes from tapping into your true nature – and what you are truly called to do in this world.

It’s a career evolution that goes way beyond updating your resume. The good news: you don’t have far to go. The answers are inside you. 

We help pull them out . . . 

The first step is knowing the career stage you’re in. 

Meet Laurie, Your Career Sherpa

InspiHER Tech is led by the #1 Career Sherpa and Job Search Strategist for women, Laurie Swanson. As a successful tech recruiter for more than two decades, she has connected thousands of people with fulfilling careers. 

Laurie harnesses her experience and empowers women just like you through coaching, speaking and the only job search digital course exclusively created for women working in and with technology: the Take Charge Digital Course.

Organizations like Nokia, Accenture, AnitaB.Org, The Executives’ Club of Chicago, Chicago Innovation, Women Tech Founders, Hub88 and 1871 have engaged Laurie as a coach, mentor and speaker. 

But it wasn’t always sunshine and roses . . . 

Early in her career, there were layoffs all around her when she walked into the CEO’s office. The funny part was: she was secretly hoping to get laid off (her hope came true!). That’s how much her job didn’t connect with her true nature.

Then, she landed in a boutique recruiting firm, became its No. 1 rep and eventually started her own firm. 

She heard the call to change again when she traded her 20-plus year recruiting career to launch InspiHER Tech. She knew she was being led to a new way of service. She faced her fears, gathered support and answered the call. 

It takes courage to follow your True Nature – especially in the male-dominated world of technology. I see this ALL. THE. TIME.

I’m Laurie. I work with many women who are doing what I had once done. They are smart, talented  and ambitious. Technology is a central part of their career. Yet . . . they stay in a culture that isn’t right for them. Or a role that is making them miserable. Making a change feels almost impossible.

I too was miserable. My head had all kinds of ideas, but none of them lit me up. My to-do lists and annual goals weren’t working. It wasn’t until  I started following my own inner voice that I relaxed. I started listening and stopped grasping and forcing. 

Then I realized what was happening. I was reconnecting with my True Nature.

When you hit roadblocks, you feel it physically and mentally. That’s a sign to slow down and consider other options – at first it’s hard to trust this process but the ease I felt when being guided in this manner became the only way I wanted to live. 

Everything changed. I was making money without the exhausting hustle. I was working less hours and spending more time doing what I really wanted to do like taking nature walks and being with family. I was having fun again!

This is possible for you too. When you find the courage to connect with your True Nature you will  have a career that makes your heart sing.

Because your True Nature will never fail you. So, let’s get started . . .

Hit your heart note with Laurie as your guide. Discover the beauty of what’s possible and land in a place feeling empowered, strong and successful.

Reconnecting with your True Nature – what you are truly called to do – is the straightest path to career confidence and clarity.

Hello, True Nature. Welcome Back.


Fact: 87% of people don’t like what they do every day.

If you feel this way, it’s Laurie time. Expect fun. Renewed energy. Career traction. Create success on your terms with . . . less frustration, more joy, a faster, clearer career path.

We’re talking about freedom.

The freedom to define your day, do work that lights you up and control the cadence of your life.

Unlike traditional career coaching programs that only focus on tactical job search toolswe help you discover your profound, spiritual power center that informs your inner purpose and puts you in flow with a job you enjoy, a company culture that supports your growth and a meaningful career where you are contributing to something bigger than yourself.

You will discover . . .

  • Greater workplace confidence
  • Clearer vision of your next career move
  • A bigger salary and more perks
  • More negotiating power
  • Job search strategies to move you forward
  • The joy of pursuing goals on your terms
  • Freedom that comes with self-awareness
  • The secrets of job search success – both tactical and heart-driven



Connect the power of your true nature with your career – with expert coaching: strategy sessions, 1-on-1 and group coaching options.



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