Afraid that I will never get out of debt.

Afraid that my kids won’t find a career they love.

Afraid my coaching business will never take off.

Afraid that I will slip back into my unhealthy eating habits.

Anything else, Laurie?

Nope that about covers it.

Fish and Visitors Stink in 3 Days


This is so true. But living in fear stinks in about 3 seconds.

You can throw the fish out and ask the visitors to leave but how do you uninvite fear once and for all.

Fear is an unwanted guest, yet fear can also be a motivator

I have heard many people say they use fear as a motivator.

Being in straight commission sales basically my whole career, I have felt fear.

Fear of where the next sale will come.

I believe that this fear got me to work harder and that is a good thing.

But it also led to overeating, feeling hopeless, resentful and jealous, self-blame and self-doubt.

Not so good.

I wondered if there was a way to not have to go to fear to get myself motivated.

Laurie, You’re a life coach! You got this!

I realized that waking up afraid and letting those thoughts take hold and be a part of my day was not what I would coach you to do if you were my client.

So, I asked myself, “Laurie, if you were coaching yourself what would you do?”
Then I went about doing just that.

  1. MEDITATE-I listened to Oprah and Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation “Hope in Uncertain Times”.


The message in the meditation said, “…by directing your attention within, you can find a real hope at the core of your being that will give you strength, clarity and purpose…” 

  1. READ SOMETHING INSPIRING, CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS-Since not being able to get out of debt was my biggest fear right now I went to my Kindle and started reading a book by Richard Dotts called “Dollars Follow Me Easily”.

And Richard wrote, “What was the technique I used that allowed me to overcome the tides of my own negative feelings and conditioning? I just closed my eyes, went within and became still”  

  1. ASK YOUR SOUL FOR GUIDANCE-This is when I heard a small voice say “Pick an Angel card.”

I have had this set of Celestial Angel Cards for over 25 years. It was a book and a set of corresponding “angel” cards written by Juliette Jaffray Hubbs and Nora Monoca in 1990.

Though I find Tarot Cards and Astrology fun and am open to all avenues of Soul communication, I don’t use this as a regular way to guide my life.

But I was drawn to this set of cards.  I have used them on myself and with others on and off over the years.

I simply ask a question and pick a card from the deck and read what the Celestial Angel book had to say. I, and others, have found these cards to be eerily accurate and helpful.
So, when I was told to pick an Angel card, that is what I did.

I shuffled the deck while asking my question:

How do I dispel fear for good?  

The Answer: Spirituality.

When I read what it said it kind of blew me away:

That I am never alone.

To look beyond what is physical and call on higher powers and ask for assistance.

Refine my thoughts and feelings.

Elevate my thinking and refuse to be dragged down by life’s challenges.

What I dream can be real.

Why stop there?

I wanted further explanation so I decided to do what the book calls the Angel of Random Miracles card layout.

This layout is made up of 5 cards, one of which is the Angel of Random Miracles. They call this the foundation card.

Card #2 answers the question: What is at the heart of your experience?

Card #3 answers the question: What is it that you have forgotten that is influencing your present situation?

Card #4 answers the question: What is important to see and feel now to move your forward?

Card #5 answers the question: Will you dare to live your dream? What will be the outcome?

My Question was based off of my biggest fear right now:

What do I need to do/know in order to get out of debt?


The cards I drew were:

The key awareness for me from each card was:

Angel of Random Miracles: Do not put limits on your miracles.

Journey: Progress has been made and your experiences have led you to your next adventure.

Balance: In the midst of chaos, keep yourself in balance.

Compassion: Cut yourself some slack…

Honesty: …be very clear with yourself and others about what you truly want.

I feel like they were spot on for me. It helped to relax my fear and start to consider what actions I could take.

Because after stillness there needs to be action.

I was ready for action. I was ready to change my thoughts and feelings around my fears.