In January 2001, I started a Women’s Group with some of my nearest and dearest women friends.

I had moved out of Chicago and left behind a huge support group of friends and colleagues.

I had a new baby girl (who would not take the bottle by the way) and a 3-year-old son.

I had a boutique Information Technology Search Firm, that had been hit hard by the technology bust and it was struggling financially.

My husband had accepted a full-time dream job covering high school sports which left me alone most evenings including Friday and Saturday nights.

I felt lonely, sad, trapped and a bit hopeless.

Thank God, I did not stay there. I knew that I had the power to create a different reality for myself.


Time to Take Action

Action-taker that I am, I decided to start my own support group of women that would meet once a month and discuss a topic that was interesting to us. These topics might include Spiritual leaders, a book discussion, meditation, expressing anger responsibly, money and more. These topics were meant to expand our minds, deepen our connection to a power greater than ourselves and connect us.

The gathering of women became a celebration and support system in our successes and our struggles.

This group still meets today. We have evolved. Some new women have joined and some have moved on.  Where we used to just discuss topics, we now also just meet and connect over dinner or we have grand adventures like trying out belly dancing, having a murder mystery party or going kayaking.

The 3-Circles Tool

I was doing a Celestial Wisdom card reading recently (read about what I am talking about in this blog and Sign-Up here for your own reading) for one of the original members of the group.

She reminded me of an exercise (I can’t remember where I got it from) that we had done at one of our topic meetings. The topic was around the relationships we have in our lives.

In the exercise, we drew 3 big circles on a piece of paper. In the first one we wrote Nourishing, in the second we wrote Energizing and in the third we wrote Draining.

Then, in each circle we wrote the names of the people in our lives and the energy they brought.

Side Note: She said whenever she talked with me she felt nourished! Awwww.

It’s All  About Your Soul’s Mission

That got me thinking about your Soul’s Mission and how this tool could be a simple way to clarify where you are living your Soul’s Mission and where you aren’t. Your Soul’s Mission feels Nourishing and Energizing (Read more about What is a Soul’s Mission in next week’s blog) not Draining.

Try This:

  1. Draw 3 BIG circles on a sheet of paper. DOWNLOAD A PDF HERE
  2. In the 1st circle write the word “nourishing” in the center
  3. In the 2nd circle write the word “energizing”
  4. In the 3rd circle write the word “draining”
  5. Now, start looking at your day, your week, your month, your year.
  6. Start putting the things you do at work, at home, for fun etc. into the circle that best correlates to how you feel when you are doing it.
  7. Consider the people you interact with and add those to the appropriate circle.
  8. Finally, consider your thoughts. I think this is almost the most important piece, because everything starts with a thought. List out the thoughts you have during the day and assign them to their circle.
  9. Now, look at the draining activities and set a goal to begin to eliminate or modify all that drains you so that your life is filled up with nourishing and energizing activities, people and thoughts.
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