The work you are meant to be doing in the world, your Soul’s Mission, is really the form of service you are meant to be providing.

A service is a solution to a problem.

Therefore, your Soul’s Mission is a solution to a problem.


So, the big question is:  What problem do you want to solve?

Personally, I want to solve the problem of people wasting time in jobs and careers they do not love.

I believe that we each have something incredible to offer through our work and that this offering brings us our greatest joy and fulfillment.

And it solves a problem.

I plan to use my skills and knowledge as a recruiter, successfully helping people in job transitions for the last 25 years, and connect that to my belief that we all have a Soul’s Mission. By fulfilling my Soul’s Mission, I will bring more joy and peace into the world through helping people have more satisfying and fulfilling work-their personal form of “problem solving.”

What calls to you?

So, do you want to cure disease or save the manatees or help people have more than enough money?

Do you want to support the ailing, help the disenfranchised or bring more fun into the lives of children?

Do you want to bring more beauty into the world through art, song or website design?

Are you drawn to coaching, teaching or mentoring?

What breaks your heart when you hear about it? That could be clue.

What brings you joy when you are doing it? That is another clue.

What are you good at?

Take a look at how you might use your talents, gifts, education and skills to solve that problem.

Can you work for an organization who is helping the people you want to help?

Can you start a nonprofit or business that helps your cause?

Maybe it is time to start mentoring?

Not thrilled with our current representatives in Congress? Run for office.

The more you feel fulfilled every day the happier you will be, the happier your family will be and the happier the world will be.

So, if you could solve any problem in the world, what would that be?

And get started doing just that!

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