Support can come in many forms.

From Friends and Family
Like the time I was taking a walk with a good friend and she was saying she needed a part time recruiter to help with cold calls when just two weeks beforehand I had been on-line looking for part-time recruiting work to supplement my income as I build my coaching practice.

From Nature
Like the time I had set a goal to find an auger shell during my week long vacation in Sarasota. Every day I walked the beach keeping an eye out for the shell.  No luck.  It’s the last day and I had almost given up hope when a seagull swoops right past my head and lands at my feet. I looked down and yep, an auger.

From Your Intuition
Like the time I was driving back to Chicago from my job in Oakbrook and decided, unusually, to take Roosevelt all the way in verses going on the Eisenhower like I normally did. Come to find out later that a semi had dumped its load of large pipes that were now rolling all over the expressway and traffic was at a dead halt.

Synchronicity? Probably. Coincidence? Maybe. Weird? Yes.

The point is that support, guidance and help are always available if you open yourself up to it.

Recently, I was in Savannah on a Coach’s retreat. The first night, our leader had  everyone pick a painted rock from a bag. The rocks all had a phrase or word on them. So the first people pick their rocks and they say things like “beauty surrounds you,” “success is yours,” “reach for the stars,” and I’m getting very excited. What words of wisdom will be my reminder that great things are coming to me? I reach in and pull out this beautiful, teal painted rock. I flip it over and it says “Let go of Guilt and Worry”.

What!? Let go of worry and guilt. That doesn’t feel inspiring at all! ICK! “Can I pick again?” is what I am thinking. But I didn’t. I kept the rock and found myself thinking of the message often and realized it was the perfect rock for me.

As I move away from my business of 20 years and move into a new career that feels more like a calling, I am finding that I worry a lot…about money, what’s my target market, who can I best serve, who will want to work with me…or the thoughts of guilt, “you shouldn’t stop recruiting, you’re good at it,” “you’re spread too thin,” but then I think of the rock’s instruction. Let GO!

That’s when I take a few deep breaths, say a quick thank you to the rock and to all the ways I’m being supported and I release worry and guilt for the time being and feel better, happier, lighter, which I think was the real message for me. Better to Let go then be dragged!

This month I have a “Try This” offer.

Send me an email with “Let there be rock” in the subject line and I will send you a virtual rock with a message on it.  Let’s see what the universe wants to say to you.