I have a good friend who is struggling on his job search.

He called me because he had, once again, come in second for a job he hoped to land.

“What am I doing wrong,” he asked me?

We went down the checklist.

  • Resume in good shape? Check.
  • LinkedIn Profile up-to-date? Check
  • Attending the right networking events? Check
  • Achieving your activity goals daily? Check
  • Following through on your activities? Check
  • Interviewing prep and execution successful?  Check

Now for the non-traditional job search checklist

  • Following a nourishment routine that includes meditation and movement every day? I rarely miss.
  • Expressing gratitude every day for at least one thing? More than one thing.
  • Are you changing your thoughts away from the negative? Yep!
  • Is your energy clear and positive? I feel good most of the time.

Conclusion: He was doing nothing wrong.

Nothing! He just did not understand that his Soul has something else in mind.

The closed door was a good thing.

Trying to force open and walk through a closed door brings nothing but misery, second guessing, self-blame and unnecessary struggle.

Great, but he still needed and wanted a job.

So, what do you do when you run into a closed door?

It was time to go back to the dreaming board.

Yep, kind of like a drawing board but better.

This is when you open up your mind to all possibilities no matter how crazy or far-fetched.

It is not always easy because you have to let go of your attachment to what you think you ought to be doing or you should be doing.

It requires you to trust that your Soul actually knows better what is ahead for you.

Your Soul is like an eagle that can see your whole path while you can only see what is right in front of you. 


One of my favorite tools that I use in coaching is what I call “Your Ideal Career Questionnaire”.

In this tool, you need to get to a quiet place with a pen.

Relax. Breath in and out a few times, ask your Soul for guidance and then write down the responses to the questions.

Be open.

Answer from your heart not your head.



For more on “Your Ideal Career Questionnaire,” watch the video below.

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Ideal Career Meditative Exercise