When I was in high school, the first interview I ever had was to be a lifeguard at a local pool.

I had all the credentials.

I was a very strong swimmer, I had been giving lessons for 2 years and I had passed my Red Cross Life Guard certification.

After the interview, I awaited the call of when I would be starting.

It never came.

I was disappointed for sure. Confused. Angry and hurt. Why wasn’t I chosen?

This closed door forced me to look elsewhere.

I ended up going to work at the local grocery store where I met some of my best friends and have some of my best memories. The stories we tell when we get together still keep me laughing.

I had not thought about this in years. But after I had written last week’s blog about closed doors being a sign to your Soul’s Mission (LINK HERE) I heard a story that got me thinking about my own closed doors.

Ben Tankard, known as the Godfather of Gospel Jazz, has over 250 song credits, 21 gold and platinum records and many awards.

But it was not always like that.

Ben was born in Daytona Beach Florida. At a young age, his talent as a basketball player was apparent. He was ready to join the Portland Trailblazers but suffered a career-ending knee injury.

BAM! A closed door.

He found himself having to earn a living as a dog catcher.

On his days off he would go to a local music store and play their pianos.

The owner noticed that he sold more pianos when Ben was playing so he hired him.


A New Door Opens

This began a career that has spanned two decades and has brought him fame and fortune. He not only is writing and playing music but he donates time as a senior pastor, is a motivational speaker for the National Basketball Association and a reality television co-star with the Bravo show, Thicker Than Water.

By not letting a closed door stop him and following his passion for music Ben has gone further than I am sure he ever could have imagined. He may have felt despair, anger and resentment for a bit but he did not stay there.

Ben went looking for another door to open.

That is what happens when you align with the work you are meant to be doing in the world and don’t let yourself get attached to a closed door.


  1. Make a list of all your closed doors-both those that you have moved past and any that you are still looking at
  2. Next to each closed door write down any negative thought you may be having about that closed door
  3. Next to that write out the action you did or should take
  4. Then, write down at least 1 thing that having that closed door has given you that you could consider a gift


CLOSED DOOR:  Not getting hired
FEELINGS/THOUGHTS:  Hurt, angry, confused
ACTION :  Look elsewhere
GIFT:  Made lifelong friends

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