Free Webinar – Decision Making Method

Women in Tech Making Confident Decisions

The Decision Making Method

Led by Laurie Swanson, Career Transformation Coach

“You become an expert decision-maker in your career

BY MAKING DECISIONS, not by avoiding them!”

Laurie Swanson, Decisive Career Coach


January 9

3:30 pm CT

90-minute webinar, with 15 minutes for coaching and questions at the end. Live recording with limited replay sent to registrants. 

Does making decisions quickly, without regret, feel like the best thing ever? I work with Women in Tech who spend sooooo much time making decisions … often feeling anxious, fatigued and confused in the process. Indecision is like a weight around your neck. Give me 90 minutes and I’ll show you how my clients overcome fear of failure, lack of confidence, and that debilitating feeling of not knowing what to do next. 

We just need to trick our brains.

Here’s the thing. Your major command center tells you to resist change and stay put. It craves safety (aka “indecision”).

When you need to make a decision, your brain responds quickly: 

“Uh…that’s a ‘hell no’ from me. We are fine just as things are. Why would you want to change a thing?“ 

Often we believe what the brain tells us. We don’t question the thought. We choose to procrastinate, overanalyze, second second-guess ourselves and our ability to make the best decision. 

  • Are you someone who believes in spending lots of time gathering all kinds of information, weighing pros and cons, and asking others their opinions about a decision you want to make – because you are afraid to make a “wrong” decision? 
  • Have you been called a procrastinator or impulsive or not smart with decisions – and you have decided to believe that about yourself? 
  • Do you want to be better at reaching decisions faster – with the confidence to move forward? 

No more procrastination, decision fatigue, second-guessing, overanalyzing, time-wasting, waffling, or leaving things unfinished.  

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All that stops today.

Instead, what if you could: 

  • Become a more effective team member and leader in your career.
  • Become a person who no longer has decision regrets.
  • Become a person without a never-ending to-do list. 
  • Become a person who doesn’t need to spend all sorts of time having to “think about it.”
  • Become a person who is clear on their values and priorities so every decision can be made quickly and without angst or regret. 
  • Become someone who knows that there is no wrong decision except the unmade decision. You make a decision and then commit to it. 
  • Become someone who has complete self-trust in their ability to make decisions that are right for them at this time. 
  • Become a person who adjusts as new info comes in but never believes that moving forward with their decision was a wrong decision. That you made the best choice you could make at that time and that is good.

Then this webinar is for you! 

In this 90-minute FREE webinar, you will: 

  • Reconnect with your core values through the InspiHER Tech Values Exercise
  • Learn the 10-step Decision Making Method
  • Discover the Magic Wand for every decision you make going forward
  • Become a different person. Someone more confident, certain, and calm when faced with problems that need solving and decisions that need to be made because you have a method to follow. 
  • Trust that you can make the best decisions at the time given who you are, how you were thinking and feeling, and the information you have at your disposal which means YOU WILL ALWAYS MAKE THE BEST DECISION. 

Put yourself in a position to be a better-informed person by making decisions not avoiding them thereby creating better results going forward. 

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January 9

3:30 pm CT

90-minute webinar, with 15 minutes for coaching and questions.

Live recording with limited replay sent to registrants