And you know it.

You know you opened the barn door AND left it open…again.

Something you said you would not do.

Yet, there it is. Wide open.

Wait! I’m no farmer.

You are probably not a farmer and neither am I but with our imaginations we could be.

So, play along for one second.

Imagine a beautiful green pasture with a barn far off in the distance.

Let’s call this pasture your Soul’s Mission.

We will call this barn “The Barn of Bad Behavior”.

In the barn are a whole bunch of animals.

As you are looking at this barn, currently part of your Soul’s Mission, you notice that each of your animals has words painted on them.

When you look more closely you see the writings on the animals are representing all those thoughts and behaviors that you know do not serve you. Those things that make you feel bad about yourself.

They say things like: Over-eating, Over-drinking, Over-spending, Over-analyzing,  Self-doubt, Complaining, Judging, Self-pity…

When you let the animals out the of the barn they trample your pasture, they eat the beautiful grasses and flowers and they poop everywhere.

The only way to have the beautiful pasture you desire, to fully live your Soul’s Mission, is to keep the barn door closed.

P.S. NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING OF THIS BLOG!  This is a metaphor, people! I love animals and would never keep real animals locked in a barn without the benefit of beautiful pasture to graze in.


The barn needs to be fully closed. If you are anything like me and you open it just a crack, a small baby goat steps through. Then it’s 5 brothers and sisters, and then mom, and the cow, 5 pigs, 26 chickens, 4 horses and a donkey.

The barn door is no longer just open a crack. It’s full open. No barrier to those negative thoughts and behaviors.

When the door is locked it’s much easier to live my Soul’s Mission.

That’s how I feel about my clean eating month of May challenge.

If I let myself have a coffee with sugar but say I will not have candy. Eventually I will have candy. This may not be true for everyone, those people where moderation is a reality.  I’m better off just keeping the barn door closed.


Today you have an adult coloring assignment if you choose.

Download coloring pages HERE.

Activity: Color the barn, the animals and your pasture. Attach the animals to the back of your barn picture and then hang your barn and your pasture next to each other as a reminder that your Soul’s Mission is most easily and peacefully lived when the thoughts and behaviors that do not serve you are not part of the picture.

If you need help closing your barn doors, let me know.