Corporate Programs

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Your Greatest Competitive Advantage = Inclusivity

Fact: Workplaces that embrace diversity and inclusion hit higher numbers, create more innovation, attract better talent and show increased employee performance.

But how do you improve your own social consciousness? Here is your how.  InspiHER Tech offers programs that support companies in their pursuit of Inclusivity. Through training, workshops and seminars, Founder Laurie Swanson sets the foundation and coaches your team through developing and strengthening this critical arm.

Corporate Programs

Together we will seek to identify unconscious biases against women that mitigate diversity so we constantly work toward becoming a 21st century, talent-driven organization.


E.Q. at Work

Build Inclusive Teams

Bring your team together in an interactive workshop on Emotional Intelligence (E.Q) 2.0, based off the bestselling book by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves.  InspiHER Tech founder Laurie Swanson uses interactive exercises, video and open discussion for powerful learning and sharing.


Emerging LeadHER

Coaching Programs

  • Build your business by building the business acumen of your women leaders
  • Elevate the women in your organization who show tremendous leadership potential
  • Provide tools, support, and expert coaching
  • Create a work climate where women stay
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Unconscious Bias

Impact on the Hiring Process

Removing Unconscious Bias is the foundation to creating a diverse and inclusive work culture. When bias goes unchecked it can lead to undesirable and unanticipated outcomes. 


Event Speaker

Customize Your Program

Hire Laurie as an event speaker for your next corporate event.  As a panelist, speaker or keynote, Laurie combines practical real-life experiences in a fun and entertaining way that will be sure to be a hit.