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What is Unconscious Bias?

Are you human? Then you have unconscious bias. Everyone does. So it invades the workplace more than we realize.


Unconscious bias is like muscle memory. Our minds make automatic associations that often turn into social stereotypes about certain groups of people. It happens so fast, and is so buried in our subconscious, we’re not even aware when it’s present.


To read more about Unconscious Bias and tips on how to address it:  What is Unconcious Bias?  What Can You Do About It?

What is the impact of inclusion on my business?

Inclusion can impact your business in many ways.  Some measurable outcomes are:


* An improved bottom line

* Increased productivity

* Increased engagement


Read more about how inclusion can impact your business:  Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter For Your Business

Is inclusion the same as diversity?

Absolutely not. Diversity is having a group of people that are not all the same.   While this is an important part of puzzle, it isn’t the only piece.  Inclusion is the next step.  An inclusive environment is one where a diverse population is engaged and valued.


Download our Infographic: 60 Facts Every Company Should Know.

How can we create a more inclusive workplace?

We know all the benefits of inclusion, increased productivity, greater engagement, innovation, improved bottom line, etc.  But how do you start to change the culture to reap these benefits?


Recognize some of things you can impact.  Is there a specific team that could take advantage of some inclusion training?  An improved performance by this team might encourage others to do the same. Check out the workshop:  Using Emotional Intelligence to Build Inclusive Teams.


Work with leadership to have company-wide training’s on inclusion.


Create a mentoring program.


Network with other companies that have inclusive environments and learn from them.

Why should you use a recruiter?

Reach a wider group of potential candidates – recruiters will help you tap the passive candidates, in addition to the active job seeker.


Vetting – recruiters will screen resumes and make sure that the candidate is a fit for the position and the team, freeing you to focus on serious candidates.


Offer Acceptance – the recruiter is in a unique position of understanding what the candidate it looking for, enabling your company to put together the best offer for the right person.


Learn more about the recruiting services offered by InspiHER Tech.