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Belonging Changes the Game

Inclusion builds innovative, collaborative Technology teams. When people feel like they belong, your company’s potential massively rises.

Everyone feels the energy.

At InspiHER Tech, we take Technology recruitment for both men and women to a more meaningful level. Our inclusion-focused approach matches the right talent with the right culture. Plus, we offer initiatives for companies striving to be inclusive culture champions.

Workplaces embracing diversity and inclusion achieve more.

  • Higher revenue numbers
  • Greater innovation
  • Best-in-class talent
  • Increased employee performance
  • More year-over-year growth

Get people excited about coming to work.


  • Experience: more than 25 years working with hundreds of companies. We understand people-focused, “everyone belongs” workplace cultures — and how they create measurable business success and innovation.
  • Understand the Landscape: We understand the language and demands of technology roles: coding, mobile app development, cloud computing, network architecture, security, IT project management, technology leaders, software development, systems analyst, web development, and more
  • Expert Certification: Diversity and inclusion certifications from Cornell University guides our programs. Our purpose: to transform companies through the identification of unconscious bias and create an environment where inclusive teams thrive.
  • Lasting Impact: We lead with inclusion by placing women in technology. Imagine voices coming together for stronger, more effective, happier teams. In one conversation, find out how we can impact your recruitment approach.

Q:  Is inclusion the same as diversity?

A:  Absolutely not.

Making a Scene

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