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Hire More Women in Technology Roles

InspiHER Tech fills your technology roles with a more diverse slate. 

Change the game for your technology recruitment. While InspiHER Tech presents candidates of all genders, our community of women in tech provides you with a more diverse pipeline – from software engineers to IT sales to digital marketing gurus.

To #HireMoreWomenInTech, innovative companies begin at the interview stage. We have a network of more than 20,000 candidates and an active community of women working in the world of technology. We partner with organizations like, 1871, Chicago Innovation and other tech powerhouses. Because there’s a steep problem when only 28.8% of the tech workforce is women ( 

We’re hell-bent on upping that number.

Diversity begins with a diverse slate of candidates. We build that slate. It’s that simple. 

Our inclusion-focused, engaged search matches the best talent with your culture. 

We accelerate the hiring process, increasing the possibility for you to have a more diverse team.

Your applicants will be: 

  • Curious
  • Talented
  • Values-driven
  • Experienced
  • Culture contributors
  • Tech fans at heart
  • Collaborative


We make hiring diverse teams simple.


Step 1

Let’s Talk: We learn about your open roles, company culture and higher-level business goals. We exchange questions and create a short path to filling your talent pipeline.


Step 2

The Search Agreement: After speaking, we have a map to guide you to success. InspiHER Tech provides engaged search (upfront fee and remainder upon an offer). Once the agreement is signed, we’re off to the races.


Step 3

Build the Pipeline: We source and qualify amazing candidates. This is one of our favorite parts: playing matchmaker. 


Step 4

Present Amazing Applicants: We shepherd applicants to you who are serious about the work, qualified and excited to learn about your organization. Our goals: to make hiring easy and enjoyable, remove roadblocks, protect your time and clarify the process.


Step 5

Negotiate Accepted Offer: At this stage, there are no surprises. Just results.

In one conversation, see the path to amazing people and greater diversity.

With greater diversity, your company’s potential massively rises.

Higher revenue numbers

Greater innovation

Best-in-class talent

Increased employee performance

More year-over-year growth

We’ve been recruiting on our own, but now we have to put more effort into a more diverse culture. I look around and all I see is middle-age white guys. We needed a partner who could make diversity happen – and we found one. Because, honestly, our network is tapped. Our own resources can’t keep up with demand to build out our hiring pipeline and fill those spots, especially with women. 

CEO of a tech-driven professional services firm

When your team is excited about coming to work, extraordinary things happen.


25+ YEARS: We’ve worked with hundreds of companies. Diverse workplace cultures create measurable business success.

WE KNOW TECH: We get the nuances of tech roles: coding, mobile app development, cloud computing, network architecture, security, IT project management, software development, systems analyst, web development, and more.

COMMUNITY OF WOMEN IN TECH: Through the free, member-based InspiHER Tech (“IT”) Community, our ongoing Unstoppable Series, Take Charge (the only comprehensive job search digital course for women in tech) and our suite of coaching programs, we are building a strong community of women in tech.

CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Cornell University Diversity and Inclusion expert, Certified Recruiter with the National Association of Personnel Services, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Certified Passion Test Facilitator, American Association of University Women (AAUW) Negotiation Coach.

IMPACT: We match people with the tech roles they will thrive in, with a special focus on women in tech. Diversity leads to stronger, more innovative teams. 

In one conversation, see the path to amazing people and greater diversity.

Q:  Is inclusion the same as diversity?

A:  Absolutely not.

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