When I start with a new coaching client I have them complete a comprehensive deep-dive assessment into their past, present and future.

And I also ask about their top 3 outcomes they would like to make progress on in the next year.

It really helps to get clear on what you want to change so you can determine what you need to start doing…and what you need to stop doing.

And then I have them do a simple coaching exercise that makes achieving what they really want so much easier.

Try This

Grab a pen and paper and follow these easy steps.

Step 1

1.  Goal: Write down a goal you would like to achieve
Example: Find a new job

2.  Feeling: Write down a feeling you will have when you reach your goal
Example: Happy and Fulfilled

3.  Timeframe: Write down when you would like to achieve this goal
Example: By December 31, 2022


Step 2

  1. Cross out Goal and write A Pathway
  2. Cross our Feeling and put My Real Goal
  3. Timeframe: Cross our whatever you had as a timeframe and put In This and Every Moment

We spend much of our time putting goals out in front of us, feeling anxious and worried in the state of achieving what we think is our goal and putting off feeling how we really want to feel and what we really want to achieve.

When you recognize and focus on your REAL goal, you infuse your daily life with what you really wanted all along. And everything else takes care of itself along the way.

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